Workflow: Steps to success.

Let us show you how the process works. It’s quite simple, actually. With three simple steps, think of all the extra time you’ll have on your hands.

Step 1: Shoot an event.
You can probably do this part with your eyes closed.

Step 2: Synchronize your galleries.
With our Pro Studio Manager software, thumbnails of your photos are automatically generated and uploaded to your website. It also creates your galleries, and makes them public or private. Your photo galleries are now created.

Step 3: Set your prices.
Log on to your Printroom account and either assign pre-existing prices or set new ones for each gallery.

Step 4You’re done.
Give your clients your Web address, and sell, sell, sell. This can literally be done with your eyes closed and both hands tied behind your back. There’s nothing more for you to do. Try it in your sleep even.

Compare our Classic, Pro and Premium memberships to decide which is best for you, or sign up for a Pro Account now to start selling your photos on the Web today.