Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting: Keep track of what’s going on.

You’ve probably had more than one of those “Oh no!” moments in your life when you couldn’t remember what you had ordered for a client. Or when you’ve got your latest wedding bride on the phone and you’re searching through your stack of files to find her order. Make it easier on yourself by tracking your orders and sales online.

With no spreadsheets to fill out or papers to keep, your orders and sales will automatically be stored online when you log in to your account.

Another good point— if you have sub-accounts (photographers that work for you and upload photos to your galleries), they won’t have access to your sales info; only you can see the info that you want to see. You can also separate your sales reports by accounts and sub-accounts.

See some other benefits to online sales reporting:

  • Show business transactions in real time
  • Access your online account 24 hours a day to check your reports
  • See detailed names and shipping addresses of your customers
  • Online report shows printing status from order to shipment