Color Processing

Color Processing: No cutting corners here.

You probably have a pretty good understanding of how film developing works. You pass light through the negative onto a light-absorbent paper. Then you place the paper in chemicals and the image develops onto the paper. The reason why film is such a great medium is that there are no pixels or dots. It’s just a continuous tone of color on paper.

Now with digital photography, we’ve kept the same exceptional quality that you get with film processing, but with the convenience of digital images. Light is still projected from your digital file onto paper and developed. Just like before. You get the same results that you’ve always been used to. That’s the beauty of using a great lab.

We use only the highest quality printers, including:


  • Fuji Frontier 570
  • Durst Theta 76
  • Durst Lambda
  • Durst Theta B&W
  • Durst Theta HS.