Photo Galleries

Photo galleries: Keeping it organized.

With your Printroom account, you have access to not only a place to show your work, but efficient tools for organizing your photos. Systematic categorizing helps your clients find their photos, and can help you keep track of sub-accounts as well. Here are some benefits to the different types of groups and galleries that you can have:

Galleries. This is the space where your photos are stored. Upload them using Printroom’s free software, Pro Studio Manager, and your galleries are automatically created on your site. Once you edit the look of your galleries with your account settings, you can either publish them or keep them hidden from the public and use them as your own filing system. You can also make your galleries password protected. In addition, with VIP access, your clients can review the photos of their event and leave you comments before you make the gallery “live”.

Virtual Galleries. While keeping your photos in their original galleries, you can create virtual galleries to group your photos in a different way. For example, multiple photographers can each maintain their own gallery, but combine their photos with other photographers to create virtual galleries by event. Since the thumbnail is only on your server once, you don’t increase your file space. The possibilities are endless.

Groups. Create a group for an event, say a wedding, but have several different galleries within the group: “Getting Ready”, “The Ceremony”, “Bride/Groom Portraits”, “The Reception”. It makes your site more organized and easier for your clients to find their photos rather than looking through all of the wedding photos to try to get to the great photo of the bouquet toss.