Image Hosting

Image Hosting: Where to put all those photos.

Once you set up a storefront with your look and branding, you’ll want to begin uploading your photos to your site. With our proprietary software, Pro Studio Manager (PSM), thumbnail-sized images are automatically generated of your photos and are uploaded instantaneously to your storefront. With 1GB of storage space for thumbnails and unlimited storage for full-size images with the Pro account, you’re sure to have plenty of room. The best part is, you don’t have to edit and upload full-size images until they’re ordered.

Check out some of the features of the Pro account image hosting:

  • 1GB of storage space for thumbnails (about 20,000 images)
  • Unlimited storage space for full-size images
  • Automatic thumbnail generation and faster uploads with Pro Studio Manager
  • No time limit on image hosting or galleries
  • Groups, galleries, and virtual galleries for better organization

For only $4.99/month Pro members can have up to 5 live unique event pages with custom Flash slideshow and up to 5 user-defined info pages. Premium members receive five unique event pages included in their membership, and can order unlimited pages for $4.99/mo.

See how you can more easily track your images with groups and galleries.