Photo Pass

Photo Pass

passA Photo Pass is a 3.5″ x 5″ coupon available to Pro & Premium members that you pre-order and bring to events with you. Use it as a promotion to offer free prints, driving new customers to your site. Or, use it to pre-sell photos to your customers. Either way, when you order your photo passes, you decide what and how many prints or products you want to offer, and whether to include shipping. Set your own price for your products and you’re ready to go. Photo passes are available with Pro and Premium accounts.


Use Photo Pass as a tool to send new customers to your site.

You shoot sporting events for Little League and teen sports. Because most parents at a sporting event are there to watch their children and are not prepared to purchase photos, you ask if they would like a free 4×6 copy from the game. You hand them a Photo Pass, with a free 4×6 print, and they go to your site to look at the photos that you have taken. On your storefront, you decide to offer several print sizes, or maybe a custom template or gift item as well. The new customer redeems the free print and may pick up an extra print or gift item for another member of the family. There’s no commitment on their part, so they’re happy to go to your site to see your photos, redeem their gift, and perhaps order more items from your storefront.

Use Photo Pass as a tool to pre-sell photos and secure profits.

You are senior/school photographer. You calculate that you will need to make about $60 profit per shooting to justify your resources and time. In your online galleries, you select to make available for purchase the standard wallet size prints, 5x7s and 8x10s as well as 4x6s and 11x14s, and a magnet and key tag.

You then create a Photo Pass, comprising two wallets, two 5x7s and one 8×10. You pay $8.75 to purchase the Photo Pass and sell it at $79, making $70.25 profit. You collect $79 from customers upfront, and hand them the Photo Pass coupon upon payment. When the photos are available online, your customer will redeem the Photo Pass from your gallery. You also hope that after redeeming the Photo Pass, some of them may buy a couple of 4x6s for their grandparents and a refrigerator magnet for themselves, too.

As you can see, you can choose the simple way by just offering online sales, or you can make use of a Photo Pass to ensure collection of money up front with the potential to sell more when it’s redeemed by the customer.


Each Photo Pass costs only $1.00 plus the cost of the prints or products you have included on the pass. There is no commission and no minimum order. The pricing for prints and products can be found at

If you choose to include shipping, note that there will be separate shipping & handllng charges for the following three categories: small prints & cards (8×12 print and smaller), wide format prints (11×14 and larger), and gift items. If, for example, all of the print sizes in a Photo Pass fall within one category, you only pay for one shipping charge. Refer to S&H pricing for shipping and handling costs.


Unlike regular print sales, there is no additional transaction and payment processing fee for Photo Pass transactions.

Return and Refund Policy

Unsold coupons can be returned for an immediate refund of the full cost minus a processing fee of $1.00 per coupon with a minimum fee of $15 per group of returned coupons. All returned coupons must be received by no later than 30 days after they have expired.

Expiration of Photo Pass

The expiration date printed on each Photo Pass will be set by you when you create the pass. To minimize customer service issues, Printroom will accept Photo Pass coupons for 2 months after the stated expiration date.