Sub Accounts

Sub-Accounts: Several photographers, working as one.

No, it’s not an oxymoron— you can have multiple photographers working together seamlessly. If this is your situation, you can choose to add sub-accounts to your membership. Sub-accounts have their own user IDs and passwords, but carry upload-only access to the parent account.

Here are some perks:

  • Your photographers can upload work to your account without giving them administrative access to that account.
  • Profits from sub-account sales are paid directly to the parent account.
  • Sales reports separate sales by parent account and sub-account.
  • Designed for franchise businesses, large photo studios or groups of photographers working together for a particular event.
  • Create Virtual Galleries to organize and seamlessly present images from multiple sub-accounts, perfect when several photographers are covering one event.

Sub-accounts have a one-time $49 setup fee, which includes 200 MB of additional storage to your account (equivalent to over 4,000 images when used with Pro Studio Manager).