Customer Event Sites

Unique Event Websites: Dedicated websites for client events and occasions.

If you’re shooting events or any activity, you’ll want to check out our Unique Event Websites. Now you can provide a unique website for your customers that has many of the same features as your own Printroom Flash website. They can have their own homepage, photo slideshow, and info pages about their event or occasion.

Publish the Event Website before the event begins, and allow your customer to create pages with helpful event information for their guests. Visitors can also register on your site before the group is published to be notified by email when the photos are uploaded. After the event, upload your photos to the site, and guests can purchase products right from the event storefront.

Pro account members can purchase up to five Event Websites for only $4.99/mo or $49/year. Premium members receive five Event Websites with their membership for free and can purchase unlimited Event Websites for only $4.99/mo or $49/year.

Check out some of the features of the Unique Event Websites:

  • Create your own unique Web address for each event
  • Custom slideshow on your event homepage with up to 15 images
  • Custom tabs to add up to five extra information pages with info, images and external links
  • Optional slideshow music— choose from a variety of songs to add to your slideshow, or upload your own
  • VIP access— allow your client to log in and customize their event page
  • Enter email addresses or capture them from visitors of the event website before the event images are published, and then send visitors an email when the photos are ready for viewing and purchase.
  • Integrated storefront displays your event’s galleries automatically on the event homepage
  • Generate new business with your logo and contact info right on the event homepage
  • Set up your Event Website in minutes using our step-by-step online tool