Profile Advantages

Printroom Profile: Let’s look at the advantages

Printroom, unlike other labs, supports embedded profiles. So, as long as your image has an embedded profile—either for a standard color space like sRGB, Adobe RGB 1998, etc or a custom one, such as your camera profile—we will interpret it and do the conversion on our end.

The main benefits of this program are:

  • You have fewer file preparation steps and no duplicate files to keep track of on your end.
  • The printers that we use have a very similar gamut even with different paper types. This means that you can use the same profile to soft proof your images regardless of the paper and printer used for the final output. However, each printer is always calibrated for a particular paper type (glossy, matte, or pro lustre) and interprets colors differently (has a different B to A table – different profiles for different paper types). We automatically convert image files to the correct color space using the latest profiles for each paper type/printer combination.
  • We re-profile the printers every couple of weeks to adjust for changes in operating conditions, variations in paper emulsion, chemistry, etc. We always use the latest profiles in our preprint processing.
  • You only need to download new profiles when there are significant changes affecting printer gamut, usually when switching to a new type or brand of paper. You can check for and correct the “out of gamut” conditions by soft proofing the image with the Printroom.icc profile.