Lab Corrections

Lab Correction: Sometimes it’s good to let the pros handle it.

Let’s face it, digital photography is great, but sometimes it’s a hassle to sit in front of the computer editing hundreds of photos. If you love the process, great. If not, let our pros handle it for you. Printroom offers two levels of custom image enhancement as well as crop service.

Image enhancement
Lab correction can be ordered on a per-gallery basis and charged only when an image from that gallery is actually ordered. After an image is lab-corrected, it appears in your gallery within 2-3 days. It is then yours to keep, or to reorder without subsequent correction charges. You can even download the image to your computer.

Features Standard Premium
Red eye removal
(dynamic range, brightness, contrast, backlighting compensation, dodge and burn)
(color balance and saturation)
Facial retouch
(skin tones, teeth, eyes, shadows on face)
Price $.99 per image $1.99 per image

Crop Service
Cropping services are available for $.29 per size per order image. It can be purchased with either Standard or Premium image enhancements, or by itself.