Tip Corner: Domain Forwarding and Masking

Let's say you have a website that contains a link to your PPSI storefront. When your customer clicks the link and enters your storefront, the address in the browser bar includes your domain name as well as the PPSI name. Something like this- www.printroom.com/pro/yourname By utilizing masking, you can hide the PPSI portion of the address and feature only your domain name. The address will now appear as www.yourname.com. Your storefront, your brand.

Domain Forwarding

If your PPSI storefront is your primary website, you can still brand your site with your own personal domain name. (Of course, you will have to first purchase a domain from one of many providers online. Domain names can be purchased for less than $10 from some providers.)

In this case, customers using your personalized domain address such as www.yourname.com with automatically be redirected to your storefront. Then to eliminate the PPSI portion on the address in the storefront browser bar, you can mask the address just as in the sample above. Again, your storefront, your brand.

Masking and Domain Forwarding are great tools to increase your brand exposure and are provided by many domain providers for free.

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