Tip Corner: Pro Studio Manager's Auto Fulfillment

If you rather not worry about making sure that the hi-res images for your customers' orders are uploaded, here's a PSM tip that can ease your mind and save you time. With the auto-fulfillment feature, PSM will automatically upload the hi-res images necessary to print your customers' orders. You can even set it up to run every night.

1st. Open PSM and go to the menu; "Options" > "Configure Autofulfillment"

2nd. Check the "Auto Fulfillment ON/OFF" checkbox to enable it.

3rd. Set the "Schedule Auto Fulfillment at:" to the time of day that you want this service to run.

Note: In order for this service to run successfully, your computer should not be in sleep mode or hibernation, and PSM itself needs to be running. We recommend that you set the service up to run late at night when your Internet bandwidth is at it's maximum capacity.

4th. Set the "and then every" hours setting to 24 hours to ensure that this setting always runs once a day at the same time.

5th. Choose the "Check Orders and Upload Required Full Size Images " radio button so that the full-size images that need to be printed are uploaded.

6th. Click "OK " at the bottom. That's it.

Pro Studio Manager will now begin to fulfill all of your customers' orders automatically. We do recommend that you check pending orders under your sales reports on a regular basis to make sure that this process is running smoothly.

Note: This feature is currently only available in PSM for Windows

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