Image Organization: Creating groups for your galleries

Wedding and large event galleries can typically contain 500 images or more. When your gallery is posted to your site, 36 images will be displayed per page, turning your 500 image event into an intimidating 14 page gallery. We've found that most customers lose interest after only searching three to five pages of images. PPSI can help to make that task less daunting to your customers.

Instead of making your wedding client sort through all of those photos to find that shot of Aunt Sue, grouping your galleries into categories such as family members, friends, or chronologically, can make the process much simpler and more efficient. By separating your galleries into smaller segments and placing them under one main group, your structure will now appear something like this:

  • John and Diane's Wedding (Group)
  • • Getting Ready (Gallery)
  • • Ceremony (Gallery)
  • • Reception (Gallery)

Now your customer can jump right to the portion of the event in which they are interested, without having to scan through the entire event. And keep in mind that you can create groups within groups to further organize your galleries. So, get organized and save your customers hassles with this time-saving feature.

Here's how to set up your groups:

  • 1st. Create and synchronize your categorized galleries from Pro Studio Manager to your account on PPSI.

  • 2nd. Login to your account on PPSI and click "Create Group" on your "My Account" page.

  • 3rd. Specify the properties for this group and click "Submit" at the bottom to save it.

  • 4th. Once you click submit, the page will refresh and you will see more options along the top. Feel free to specify properties in these other sections if you like. ***Note*** If you specify prices at the group level, the galleries you move into that group can inherit them.

  • 5th. Click "My Account" in the upper right to return to your main account page.

  • 6th. Click the "Organize Groups" button to start moving your galleries into this group.

  • 7th. On the organize groups page you will see all of your galleries and groups listed with checkboxes next to each.

  • 8th. Check the checkbox next to each of the categorized galleries you wish to move into the group.

  • 9th. Use the "Move to Group" drop down box above the list to choose the group you want to move these galleries into. ***Note*** to have the galleries inherit the properties of the group, including the group's pricing, check the "Inherit price list and other options of the new parent group."

  • 10th. While viewing this page make sure the group and the galleries within it are published to ensure they will be visible on your storefront. You can publish any unpublished galleries/groups by putting a check in the checkbox next to them and clicking the "Publish" button above the list.

That's it! Feel free to use this process again. Also bear in mind that you can have groups within groups to further organize your events.

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