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How to create sub accounts

Step 1: Create Sub-Account
Once you've logged in to your PPSI account, just click on the "Sub-Accounts" button. Select "Create" to create a sub-account. Input the sub-account member information and your credit card information. Sub-accounts have "upload only" access to the parent account, so you don't need to worry about compromising your main account when giving others access to a sub-account.

Step 2: Download Pro Studio Manager (Corporate Edition)
Sub-accounts must use Pro Studio Manager (Corporate Edition) to upload images. Input the user id and password for the sub-account when prompted for your PPSI account information.

Step 3: Upload images to sub-account
Galleries created and images uploaded in Pro Studio Manager (CE) will appear at the top level of the parent account. The parent account must then organize these galleries into groups and Virtual Galleries. A Virtual Gallery is the simplest way to display images from different sub-accounts together.

Step 4: Sales Reporting
All profits from sub-account sales are paid to the parent account. Customized sales reports let you see revenue generated by each sub-account.

How Photo Pass works

Click on the Photo Pass Manager link at the top of your account page. In the Photo Pass Manager you will be able to customize your photo passes to suit your needs. You have the option to specify print sizes, products and the quantities you would like to offer. On each Photo Pass, you can specify up to three different print sizes or products, in whatever quantities you choose. You can also determine whether or not to prepay for shipping and choose a shipping method.

Photo Passes can be formatted to meet a variety of promotional needs. Here are three examples of typical Photo Passes:

Photo Pass A is good for one 5x7 print with pre-paid first-class USPS shipping.

Photo Pass B is redeemable for two wallets, three 5x7 prints, and one 11x14 print with pre-paid first-class USPS shipping.

Photo Pass C is good for three 5x7 prints and one key tag with no pre-paid shipping.

You also have the option to customize your Photo Pass with an image of your choosing. In a 2x2 image area, you can display a sample image, your logo, a sponsor's logo, or you can choose to keep the default image. Once you have formatted and ordered your Photo Passes, PPSI will print and mail them within three business days.

Each Photo Pass has a unique coupon number that represents the value of the Photo Pass. When your customers go to your online studio to order, they will simply input the unique coupon number printed on the Photo Pass. They will then receive a credit for the value of the Photo Pass and will only pay for any items ordered in excess of the value of the Photo Pass.

Please note that once your customer has used the Photo Pass, it will be retired and cannot be used again-even if the full value ofthe Photo Pass has not been redeemed. Please make sure to inform your customers of this feature. Once redeemed, the Photo Pass will then be displayed as "exercised" in your Photo Pass table. Any unsold Photo Passes can be returned for refund.

Return and Refund Policy
Unsold coupons can be returned for an immediate refund of the full cost minus a processing fee of $1.00 per coupon with a minimum fee of $15 per group of returned coupons. All returned coupons must be received by PPSI no later than 30 days after they have expired.

How to offer digital downloads

  • To enable digital downloads in all galleries, go to "Global Defaults." (Or, to enable downloads in just one particular gallery, go to that gallery's "Price List").
  • Enable "Image Download".

  • Input price for image download. (We suggest 2-4 times your 8x10 price)

  • Upload photos using Pro Studio Manager.

  • When your customer selects "Image Download", assuming the full-size image is already uploaded, the customer will be able to download it from the "Order Receipt" page.

  • If the full-size image has not yet been loaded onto our website, you will receive an email, requesting that you upload the full-size file (just like a print order).

  • Once you upload the full-size image, the customer will be notified, via email. The customer then clicks on a link within the email and downloads the file. The customer must download the file within 30 days.

How to customize your studio home page

Once you log in, click on the "Storefront Setup" button. From this page, you will be able to choose whether you want to create your home page in HTML or Flash. It also lets you know which method you are currently using if you have already set up your page.

To set up a Flash Homepage, click "Edit Flash" from the "Storefront Setup" page. The Flash tool will launch and will walk you through the steps to create your site.

To set up an HTML Homepage, click the "Edit HTML" button from the "Storefront Setup" page. Then, follow the steps on the HTML storefront setup page that follows.

How do I create a new gallery?

Pro and Premuim accounts: Use our Pro Studio Manager software.
Classic account: Once you log in and you are at your account page, you will see a button "Create Gallery." This will take you to a new page to set up your gallery.

How do I select the prints and/or products I wish to offer, and how do I set the prices?

From your "My Account" page, click the "Price List". Here, you can select from a list of pre-existing price lists or you can create a new price list. To create a new price list, click the "Create New" button. Then type in a name for the price list and choose to base this price list on an existing price list if you like. Then click "Create" and choose a recommended price category. This will affect the recommended price that appears when you select a product to offer. Each category has been based on market averages as well as prices used from our own accounts who have done very well. To offer a product, check the box next to it. The price that appears on the right is our recommended price for that product. On the far right you will see your profit if the product is sold for that price. This will change accordingly when the price is changed. Once you're finished, click "Update" at the bottom to save the changes. The price list is now available to be used with a gallery. The prices can always be changed later by going to the price list button under "My Account" and clicking edit next to that price list.

How do I move a gallery into a group?

To move a gallery into a group, login to your account and click on the "Organize Groups" button. You will see a list of all of your galleries and groups, each with a checkbox next to it. Check the checkbox next to the gallery you want to move. Check the box labeled "Inherit price list and other options of the new parent group." to have the gallery inherit the group's settings. Use the "Move to group:" drop-down box to select the group you want to move the gallery into. You can move a group into another group using this same method.

How do I change the style of my galleries?

Each time you set up a new gallery, you will have the option to change the background color and style. Go to "My Account" and choose a gallery. Click "Profile/Edit". Under "Background" you will have 20 creative styles to choose from.

How do I publish and unpublish galleries?

When you upload your photos using PSM, you have a choice to have your gallery published or unpublished at that time. In addition, by logging in to your account, your "My Accounts" page displays next to each gallery whether or not it is published. You can change the setting for each gallery by clicking on the "publish" or "unpublish" link.

Your gallery/group cannot be viewed by anyone until the publish button is selected. This allows you to upload your images, set your pricing/options, and make any necessary changes before your customers visit your site. Once the gallery is published, your customers will be able to view your gallery. Note: the publish button will change to unpublish once selected. You may select unpublish at any time to disable public access.

How do I set my global defaults?

Global defaults, accessible as a button on your "My Account" page, gives you the ability to set pricing and gallery/group settings at a global level. This way you can apply the same settings to all of your galleries and groups at one time.

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