PPSI and the Heart Gallery
the Heart Gallery<

PPSI is proud to lend support to the Heart Gallery show sponsored by the Brooks Institute and the Santa Barbara County Child Welfare Services. The Heart Gallery project is aimed at increasing awareness and changing impressions in the local community of the needs of children under the care of Child Welfare Services.

The Heart Gallery runs from November 1st through November 21st, at the Brooks Institute Cota Street Gallery. Both the Heart Gallery and related website consist of photos of children that have been placed successfully with foster or adoptive parents through the efforts of Child Welfare Services, as well as children still in need of homes. The upbeat and energetic photographs by the staff and alumni of the Brooks Institute aims to replace negative notions of foster and adoptive children with more truthful images of the joy and beauty embodied by these children.

The Heart Gallery was founded by the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department in 2001 as an innovative way to help waiting children in the foster care system connect with foster and adoptive famlies. The Heart Gallery in New Mexico was so successful in gaining media attention and connecting children to permanent families, that more than 40 states have created their own "Heart Galleries".

the Heart Gallery<

PPSI provided all of the final large-format gallery images that will be displayed in the Santa Barbara show. PPSI is also hosting a vibrant online gallery built using PPSI's latest Flash-based tools for quickly building professional photography websites. Click here to take a look: http://www.printroom.com/pro/sbheartgallery

The Director of the Santa Barbara Heart Gallery and Brooks Institute faculty member Russ McConnell said, "The Heart Gallery is driven to raise community consciousness about the children in need in our community. We are very pleased to have companies like PPSI step forward and lend their best expertise and resources to make this important event possible."

More information about the Heart Gallery and the event can be found at http://www.sbheartgallery.org.

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