Print Sizes: So much to choose from.

With over 30 different print sizes, you're sure to find just the right size for your print. From small wallets, to a whopping 40x60, your clients can either carry your photos around with them everywhere or make a large statement in their living room.

See below for our standard print sizes:

Print Sizes
wallets (4) 8x10 12x36
8 die-cut wallets 8x12 16x20
3.5x5 8x24 16x24
4x5 9x12 20x24
4x6 10x10 20x30
4x8 10x12 24x30
5x5 10x15 24x36
5x7 10x20 30x40
6x9 11x14 32x48
6x18 12x18 40x50
8x8 12x24 40x60

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