Key Tag: Mobile photos, lo-tech style.

Statistics show that keys have a 95% chance of being misplaced each year. Help your clients reduce their odds by offering them a custom photo for their keychain. Each key tag is double-sided, so whichever way they look at it, there's a cute face staring back at them. It's also an easy way to for them show-off pictures of their loved ones or pets without having to pull out a 30-page photo album. Call it an appetizer of sorts.

They make great add-ons and gifts for your photo packages, too. Just a little marketing suggestion. Similar products available on Lab Direct. See Lab Direct catalog for exact specs.

Product Information

Key Features
Finished size: 1.75"x2.75"

Image Resolution
Good: 175x275px
Best: 262.5x412.5px

"1/8" thick fiberglass
Stain resistant with polyurethane acrolate
Printed with sublimation transfer process

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