Digital Image Download Service

Each day, our customers become more educated about digital photography, and this has created a massive demand for digital files. How can you capitalize on this demand without creating extra work? PPSI has the answer: Digital Image Download! At PPSI, you've always been able to sell prints and other items. Now, using the same service, you can offer your clients downloadable files for "personal" or "editorial" use.

PPSI charges you, the photographer $1.99 per purchase of a digital download, plus the standard transaction fees. The price is the same regardless of file size. Of course, your clients do not pay any shipping or handling fees.

How it works
To enable download in all galleries, go to "Global Defaults." (Or, to enable download in just one particular gallery, go to that gallery's "Price List").

  • Enable "Image Download".

  • Input price for image download. (We suggest 2-4 times your 8x10 price)

  • Upload photos using Pro Studio Manager (exactly as you do now).

  • When customer selects Image Download, if the full-size image is already uploaded, the customer will be able to download it from the Order Receipt page.

  • If the full-size image has not yet been loaded onto our website, you will receive an email, requesting that you upload the full-size file (just like a print order).

  • Once you upload the full-size image, the customer will be notified, via email. The customer then clicks on a link within the email, and downloads the file. The customer must download the file within 30 days.

Imagine the possibilities!
  • A customer views your gallery, then orders a print, and also the digital file. She plans to frame and hang the print; the file will be used as a screen saver.

  • You shoot a high school track event. The participant orders a print for himself, and a file which he will later submit to the yearbook committee.

  • You shoot a headshot. The model needs no prints; just the file, to put on her website.

Personal/Editorial Use vs. Commercial Use
You can currently offer two types of download: "personal use" and/or "editorial use". While puchasing a file the customer must click on a "license" page and agree that the file can be used only for personal or editorial purposes (depending on the type of download).

If you want to use "Digital Image Download" for commercial purposes you must make your own arrangements with the client, and have them sign an agreement separate from the "personal" or "editorial" offered on our website.

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