This is a great item to have around all year. Available in four different sizes, these calendars display an entire year-at-a-glance anywhere in the home or office. Beautiful templates are provided, so all your customer needs to do is select their image and choose a template that they like.

When printed on matte paper, this calendar can also be written on with a permanent marker. Or try the glossy finish with a dry-erase pen for temporary notes. This item is ordered through Lab Direct.

Product Information

Key Features
Available in four sizes:
8.5" x 11", 11" x14", 16" x 20",
20" x 30"

Image Resolution
8.5" x 11"
Image size: 6.71x4.46 inches
good: 671x446px
best: 1007x669px
11" x14"
Image size: 7.36x4.46 inches
good: 736x446px
best: 1104x669px
16" x 20"
Image size:8.23x5.51 inches
good: 823x551px
best: 1235x827px
20" x 30"
Image size:9.32x6.19 inches
good: 932x619px
best: 1398x929px

Can be printed on glossy, matte, or pro lustre
See Lab Direct catalog for exact specs.

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