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   Welcome to Printroom Professional Studio Features and Benefits - Coming Soon
   Increase Business Exposure and Sell More Photographs!
Printroom Professional Studios enable event, corporate, wedding, sports and other pro photographers to create customized online galleries and sell prints directly to their customers at prices they set. With a Printroom Professional Studio, customers have 24-hour access to photographs and the ability to come back to order more.
   Save Time - Focus On What You Do Best!
Printroom will help you save time by taking customer orders online, developing photographs, and shipping them directly to your customers. No more wasting time managing proofs, processing and delivering orders, handling customer service, and juggling billing!!
   Customize an Online Studio!
Studio pages can be personalized or customized to reflect the right message for the business. To personalize, select from several style templates, add business logo, and then upload images. Studio owners have control over the look of their galleries and who can view and order photos (using password protection). Photographers have complete control over what price to set for images.
   Customer Service
Printroom processes customer orders online, then develops and delivers high-quality photographs. Printroom offers a money-back guarantee and a full-service customer support line.

   How Professional Studios Work

Step 1
Signup for a Printroom Professional
Step 2
Use your company
logo and images to
customize your studio
homepage at www.
Step 3
Create a custom gallery and you
set the price for
your images
Step 4
Upload images to
your gallery
Step 5
Give your customers
your url at www.
name so they
can view and
order photographs

Professional Studio Features:
  • Personalize Studio Home Page with business logo and choose from a variety of available templates; custom pages available for a small fee
  • Includes 300 MB of online storage to host many galleries within each studio
  • Photographs developed using our premium photographic silver halide chemical process
  • All e-commerce transactions handled by Printroom
  • Online sales reports show business transactions in real time
  • Security
    - Printroom offers the highest protection for copyrighted images
    - Only low-resolution thumbnail or watermarked medium-size files are displayed
    - Full-size images are stored in Printroom's secure server and are only used to print photographs
    - Right-click protection against unlawful image downloads
  • A variety of Print sizes are available to choose from - wallets, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10's.
  • Glossy or matte paper 
  • Free CD uploads with accompanying order
  • Customers can email the event gallery URL to friends and family to stimulate additional interest
For more information, please  contact or call 1-510-413-1247

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