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Wasatch Woman Fitness  

Utah CX - Ogden - 10-10-09  2nd race from the 2009 cyclocross season. Held at the Weber County Fairgrounds.

Utah CX - Draper - 10-24-09  Utah cyclocross race at the Draper equestrian center.

Seabase - Wasatch Woman  

Mark & Heidi's Wedding  

Holly Kindel  

Heber Cyclocross  2007 Utah Cyclocross Season Opener

Dave & Mo - Sugarhouse Park  

Buranek - Belly Dance  Stephanie Buranek belly dance studio shoot.

Alan Davis  

2007 Downieville Downhill  2007 Downieville Downhill mountain bike race.

2007 Downieville Cross Country  Downieville Classic XC race photos

2006 Sea Otter  

2005 Downieville Downill  

2005 Downieville Cross Country  2005 Downieville Classic cross country race.

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