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Alexandra Cinay  Portraits at the park!

Italia Renata  Quinceañera, St. Ferdinand Church, reception @ Woodland Hills Marriot. Daughter of Renan Almendares Coello, "El Cucuy de la mañana"

Alexandra's Quinceañera  Ceremony at San Fernando Mission and reception at The Castaway's

Jennifer & Logan's wedding  at the Dynasty Ranch in Lancaster CA.

Shylee's Bat MItzvah  

Bailey's portraits  in our studio


Stacy & Israel  

Larisa & Nick  Their wedding at the Palamesa Resort in Fallbrook, CA

Delegacion Olimpica de El Salvador  en ruta para las Olimpiadas Especiales en Shanghai, Republica de China.

Ashia & Alfonso  

Natasha & Steve's  beach photo session... it was cold!!! but it was great!!!

Bertha & Armando  

Chelsey  portraits at the park... NO BLINKS!!! : )

Graciela's portraits  in our studio!

Katherine & Lee  Portraits at park!

Graciela's 15añera  

Joanna & Joe's wedding  at the San Gabriel Mission with reception at the Pasadena Sheraton

Cary & Lucy  Portraits at park, and baptism!!!

Lenae & Al  

Carey & Lucy's wedding  at The Castaway restaurant in Burbank, CA

Lenae & Alfredo's  Wedding at St. Charles Borromeo church and reception at The Castaway restaurant in Burbank, CA

La Gran Familia!!!  

Natasha & Kevin's wedding  At The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, California

ITT Tech Sylmar June 2008 Graduation  

6 bodas Judias, pareja 1  en Panorama City, CA

6 bodas Judias pareja 2  

6 bodas Judias pareja 3  

6 bodas Judias pareja 4  

6 bodas Judias pareja 5  

6 bodas Judias pareja 6  

6 bodas Judias, fotos generales  

Valley Leadership Institute  at The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City

Sami's 16th Birthday Party  at the Days Inn in Glendale Ca.

Krystal & Mario's  Engagement session @ the beach.

Diana & Keith  Their engagement session at the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys, CA

Manny & Wendy  Their engagement session at the beach!

Lucas & Vivians Wedding  at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA Main photographer: Craig Rowitz

Jazmine's Quinceanera celebration  at The Guardian Angel church, in Pacoima, CA and reception at St. Peter's Armenian Church in Van Nuys.

Brittney & Matthew  Their wedding at The Castaway Restaurant, it was a blast!

Vanessa & Ezequiel  At The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, Ca.

Tiffany's portraits  at the park!

Kelly & Dan   Their wedding at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA

Diana & Keith  Their wedding at the Memory Gardens in Brand Park, and their reception at The Castaway restaurant

Manny & Wendy  Their wedding at St. Rosa of Lima Church, and their reception at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA

Giselle's photos @ the beach  for her 15th birthday celebration! we had a blast! her friends are really cool! Enjoy!

Hury & Erick  Their portraits at the Grifith Park Observatory

Emily & Stephen  Their engagement session @ the park.

Jennifer  Portraits @ the river

Morgan  portraits @ the river

Crystal and Mario's weddink  at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, CA

Hury & Eric  Their wedding at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA

Natasha & Steve  Their wedding at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank!

Rene & Krissia  their engagement session at the beach

Ron & Jessica  Their engagement session @ Castaic!

Mark & Jennifer  

Steve & Emily  Their wedding in the Bay Area

Giselle's 15añera  at St. Peter'e Armenian Church in Van Nuys

Laura & Bernie  Their wedding at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, Ca

Rene & Krissia's wedding  at Our Lady of the Valley church, reception @ Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, Ca

Derek & Michelle's portraits  At the Brand Park, being romantic "on command"! it was lots of fun!!!

Mark & Jennifer's wedding  Their really cool wedding @ The Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, Ca

Ron & Jessica's Wedding  at The Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, Ca

Katherine's Portraits!  In our studio & at the park!

Christie & Charles  Their romantic photos (well, trying!) at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank! Loved that sunset!

Morgan's Bat Mitzvah Celebration  At Temple VBI, and reception at The Knollwood Country Club.

Katherine's 15th  the service @ St. John Eudes and the reception at the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys

Shawn & Chloe  their engagement sessions @ the park!

Halau Hula 'O Kawahineali'inoho'ikeanuenue-'elua  Their dance presentation @ the Pasadena City College

Isabel & Osvaldo  their cool wedding and reception!

Michelle & Derek's wedding  Their very cool wedding! a very cool couple!

Joy's holiday portraits  

Shawn & Chloe's wedding  At the Methodist church in Sylmar and reception at Shiraz Restaurant in Glendale... Loved the food!!!

ITT Tech December 2008 graduation  at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, Ca

Stephanie & Manuel  La boda en El Salvador! Que boda!!! Their wedding in El Salvador! What a wedding!!!

Luis & Jessica's Wedding  At St. Paul's Church in Los Angeles, and reception at The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, CA

Kassie's 15añera portraits  At the river! with 55 degrees temperature!

2007 Hula Dancers  There you are Mary!

Claudia's daughter  her portraits right outside of my office! I love that wall!

Kassie's 15th birthday celebration  

Melissa & Mark  

Intidhar & Jim  portraits @ the park

Tom & Gene  photos @ beach

Shavaughn & Jonathan Lee  Their portraits @ the park

Jennifer & Henry  Their photos @ the beach!

Rose & Jeff  wedding at The Castaway Restaurant

St. Charles Borromeo Easter Vigil 2009  

Leah & Michael  Their wedding @ The Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills

Tom & Amy  at La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes

Tom & Gene's wedding  at the Westlake Village Inn

ITT Tech March 2009 Graduation  

Nadine & Steve  

Henry & Jennifer's wedding  @ Castaway in Burbank, California

Raquel & Adriel's wedding  

Steve and Naidine's wedding  @ The Odyssey Restaurant

Charles & Christie  

Raymond & Rocio  Their wedding in Tototlan, Jalisco Mexico

Katheryne & Michael  Their studio session... FUN!!!

Kathryn & Michael's wedding  At Altadena Town & Country Club.

Evan's Bar Mitzvah  At The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank

Marcus' Baptism  @ St Ferdinand church

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