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Anything in the world can be made into a beautiful piece of art through the right eyes.

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Rocks State Park, Maryland  Photographs taken on and around the King and Queen Seat in Rocks State Park, Harford County, MD USA

New York City  Living in New York, I saw a lot of great scenes. Here are a few of them.

Chefs and Cooking  I was hired by Art Institutes to take pictures at an event a few years ago. Got some lovely pictures and some tasty food :-)

The Whales  While in New York I was assistant director for an off-broadway play called The Whales. It was a modern Greek tragedy/comedy. I present.... The Whales!

Nature  Flowers and Plants and Leaves, OH MY!

Animals and Pets  Anything living... except humans, but who cares about humans ;-)

Inspirational Posters  Pictures with phrases and quotes to lift one's spirits :-)

Humorous  Everyone deserves to laugh a little in life :-)

Gothic and/or Scary  A little fun never hurt anyone.... too much

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