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Laser National Requests 19s  PIx of 194015, 195876, 197045 & 199776 by request

Laser National 2014 Requests  Pix of 206171, 204231, 200213 & 169528 by request drop me a line at crayivp@yahoo.com if you'd like me to look for you.

Laser Nationals 2014  Laser National Championships from the St Francis Yacht Club shot July 31, 2014. Drop me a line if you want me to post some (more) of you, describe your apparel and sail # crayivp@yahoo.com

More Woodies Requests 14  Shot at various times in 2014, pix of Folkboat 121 and Knarr 102 by request

Heavy Weather Optis  Pix of the St Francis Yacht Club's Heavy Weather Optis Regatta

Heavy Weather Optis Green Fleet  Pix of the StFYC's Heavy Weather Optis Regatta Green Fleet

WoodiesRequests14  Pix of 122,123,140 & IOD 85 by request

J-Fest14  Pix of 5 classes of J Boats from the StFYC's J Fest Regatta If you aren't here, I have loads more, describe what you're after and drop me a line crayivp@yahoo.com

NorCalHS Championships  Pix of Saturday's Northern California High School Sailing Championships run by the St Francis Yacht Club if you are not here, drop me an email crayivp@yahoo.com and describe yourself, I'll have a look for you

StandUp Paddleboarders14  2,4 &6 Mile Paddleboard racing off the St Francis Yacht Club If you don't see yourself, drop me a loine at crayivp@yahoo.com with a description....

SpringKeel14  St FRancis Yacht Club's Spring Keel Regatta, inc. pix of J105s, Express 27s, 5.7s, Melges24s and Knarrs I took 700 pix for this, if you are not here, drop me a line and I'll look for you, crayivp@yahoo.com

Spring Dinghy 2014  Pix of 7 classes of dingies from the St Francis YC's Spring Dinghy Regatta. If you aren't here, email me crayivp@yahoo.com and I'll have a look for you

Rolex Big Boat Series IRC&Cats  

Heavy Weather Optis 13  Pix from the Red, White and Blue Fleets of the St Francis Yacht Club's Heavy Weather Optis regatta

Greatest Hits  Sailboat pix from various races over the last 10 years

StFYC WallShots  Hallway shots

Fireworks12  Golden Gate Fireworks Display shot May 27th, 2012

MasterMariners12  PIx of the Master MAriners Regatta shot Sat. May 26 from the StFYC

FoilingMoths  Elvstrom Zellerbach Regatta

Rolex Big Boat Series Bests  

A18s_Crashes  Crashes from the StFYC's A18 series 2011

StFYCWall11  Pix for the StFYC Dining room Staircase Wall

Woodies2010_Bests  Best Pix of the top 3 in each class of the StFYC's Wed Nite Woodies Racers



505 NA & Worlds Bests  StFYC's 505 North American & World Championships best shots

A18SkiffsBest  Shots from StFYC's 18 Skiff Intl Regatta


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