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photo marketing
  • Drive event traffic to your booth
  • Drive event traffic to your website
  • Turn consumers to customers
  • Promote and extend your brand
  • Generate qualified leads with opt-in permissions
  • Collect data about your prospects
  • Learn more about your customers
Photo Marketing Toolbox
  • Roving, action and staged photography
  • Photo booth with greenscreen
  • Onsite data capture
  • Event branding: signage, photo cards, folders
  • Custom photo website and photo store
  • Branded photo products
  • Online surveys and data capture
  • Branded email marketing campaigns
  • Viral photo sharing through social networks
  • Sponsorship activation programs
  • Centralized photo-asset management
  • Event photos for your marketing needs
Photo Marketing:
Maximizing your photo program

High-impact photo marketing can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any event or sponsorship. It can connect your brand with the positive energy of the event, enhance customer experience, collect data, and generate leads and revenue. Printroom's advanced technology allows us to cost-effectively integrate high-impact photo marketing into every engagement we do. Our integrated photo marketing platform is a high-value mixture of technology and photo services.

Custom Workflow

We start by listening to your objectives and developing a custom program that delivers a superior experience to the event participants. Onsite and online we make sure it fits seamlessly with your existing marketing infrastructure and Web presence. Our goal is to fully exploit all possible opportunities presented by the event to build a one-to-one marketing relationship with your guests, as well as those customers who weren't able to attend.

We determine how participants will interact with the photography staff and whether an onsite printing option, complete with green screen and a photo booth is appropriate. We also define the online experience, including a custom photo landing page, image sharing options, product selection, privacy settings and follow-up email marketing campaigns.

Maximizing Brand Extension

Printroom designs and hosts your custom photo website, storefront and products complete with your logos and messaging, and seamlessly integrates them with your existing website. We deliver additional at-event branding with signage, photo cards and photo folders. We capture customer information onsite and online and drive even more traffic through email marketing. Memories and experiences from the event will be preserved and shared, extending the reach of your brand.

Our in-house team of designers creates unique and memorable personalized products that are perceived as commemorative keepsakes, rather than simple snapshots. This ensures product longevity and increased exposure for your brand.

Sponsorship Activation

We offer a variety of sponsorship activation programs.They include onsite greenscreen and roving photography, branded product giveaways, email marketing campaigns, viral photo sharing through social networks and customer data capture. Every opportunity is unique and we will design the right program for you to help generate additional revenue while providing valuable service to your sponsors.

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