Premium Support: Lending a hand when you need it most.

As a Premium member, chances are you're big on customer service. You treat your customers right, and want to be in-the-know when they run into difficulties. Using Salesforce, an online CRM service partner, you can quickly create cases online, 24/7, that are sent to PPSI Support with the highest level of priority. You can also view and post comments to your PPSI support cases as well as your customers' support cases.

Here's an example: You receive a call from a customer with a question that they have about an order that they placed from your website. You can either direct them to our toll-free support number, or log-in online and put in support request for them. Because you're a Premium member, your cases receive top priority and your customer will receive a call or email with help for their situation.

Additionaly, you can track the status of each case online if you want to follow up with your customers after a case has been closed.

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