Spread the word with Facebook

facebookFacebook offers the opportunity to market your photography business to a large audience, and is an ideal way of getting your name out there and driving opportunities for new business. With our Facebook integration available to Pro & Premium members, a photographer's customers can link their own event websites to their Facebook for all their friends to see. They can also link their purchased photos from their confirmation receipt, and even link to your storefront.

The links don't post your photos to Facebook, so your photos are protected. Instead it creates a news item on the customers profile, which will take their friends back to your website to view the photo, event or storefront, increasing traffic to your website. In addition, you can customize the links to highlight your business name and more information. You can also add information about your own business to your Facebook page, at the click of a link. It's that easy.

Three ways your customers can link to Facebook
  1. Clicking the Add to Facebook link on the confirmation receipt after purchasing a photo from you
  2. From the Facebook link on their Event Website
  3. Directly from your Flash storefront
To enable the Facebook integration:
  1. Login to your account. You must be a Pro or Premium member.
  2. Click on Global Defaults
  3. Click View & Print Options
  4. For the Link to Facebook area, click the Enabled radio button
  5. Add your Title and Descriptive text. Title could be the name of your business, and the description could be the type of photography you offer, or even your contact information. This will appear on all links to Facebook.
  6. Click the submit button

Remember, once enabled, your customers can add links to Facebook for you, but you can also add to your own Facebook profile by clicking the Facebook links on your Storefront or any of your Event Websites.

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