Printroom announces exciting new features.

Things have been moving fast at Printroom this Spring. If you had a chance to drop by our booth at WPPI in Las Vegas, March 17-19, you'd have seen that the Printroom booth was hopping with informative speakers and fun photo shoots. We even introduced a new twist on wedding photography with lovely Las Vegas showgirls posing as both bride and groom. Even more exciting, we announced our new Event Websites–one more tool to help you market your business more effectively. Also in this issue, meet a successful Printroom customer, pick up a few new tips and learn about upcoming events.

Printroom Staff


Unique custom websites for any event.

Imagine being able to create a dedicated website for each of your customers events or activities–simply and cost effectively. Whether it’s a wedding, portrait sitting, family, sporting or school event, you'll want to check out our new Event Websites. They utilize many of the same features as your own Printroom Flash website, including scalability, but are designed specifically for events. You can now provide a website for your customers that features a homepage, photo slideshow, and info pages about their event or occasion.

Publish the Event Website before the event begins, and allow your customer to create pages with helpful event information for the guests. After the event, upload your photos to the site, and guests can purchase products right from the event storefront.

Check out more Event Website information and an Event Website Builder demo here.

Classic and Pro members: Upgrade today to take advantage of the new Event Websites

Event Websites are only available for Pro and Premium members. If you are a Classic member, now is a great time to upgrade. Premium members receive five Event Websites with their membership for free and can purchase unlimited Event Websites for only $4.99/mo or $49/year. Pro account members can purchase up to five event websites for only $4.99/mo or $49/year. Click here to upgrade your membership.

*With uploads using Pro Studio Manager, a Classic account with 300 MB of storage space will hold approximately 6,000 images, and the Pro Account with 1 GB will store approximately 20,000 images.

**Pro members can purchase five Customer Event Websites for $4.99/mo or $49/year. Premium members receive five Event Websites with their membership at no charge and can purchase unlimited Event Websites for $4.99/mo or $49/year.

Printroom Profile: Heidi Green

Printroom is proud to be currently featuring Heidi's images and story on our homepage. Stop by and take a moment to enjoy Heidi's captivating images of children.

When Heidi Green first made the transition from pre-school teacher in New York City to children’s photographer, life was still fairly simple. Taking care of orders was time-consuming, but still manageable. When her business really took off, it became clear that there was no way she could reasonably meet the demand using her existing, manually-intensive system.

Following the advice of an acquaintance, Heidi teamed up with Printroom to help manage her business and she has never looked back. “Printroom truly understands what the professional needs – a transparent partner that supports your business.” In fact, Heidi’s business is going so well, she recently appeared on NBC’s Today Show where her gift for capturing families at their best made her a featured artist for a segment about getting the perfect image for family holiday cards.

Click here for her whole story.

If you have a compelling story about your photography business and experience with Printroom and would like a chance to be showcased on the Printroom homepage, email us at

WPPI Las Vegas: It’s not just about the showgirls.

It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers face-to-face, and WPPI 2008 in Las Vegas was the perfect opportunity. This year we unveiled our new customer Event Websites that provide Pro and Premium account members with another powerful marketing and sales tool. Our goal is to continually provide industry-leading features for our members, and we are excitied about the profound benefits that the Event Websites can bring to your business. Check out the article above for all of the details or click here for a demo.

The Printroom booth also drew enthusiastic crowds to informative photo shoots with noted photographers Kingmond Young and Cherie Steinberg-Coté. Ok, it didn’t hurt that they featured two lovely Las Vegas showgirls dressed as both bride and groom. Who says education can’t be fun? Go online and take a look at some of the brave souls who had their photos taken with the models.

As we all know, the photography business is not just about shooting great pictures. Our good friends Steve and Heidi Blaisdell drove that point home as they dispensed valuable business and marketing tips for wedding photographers.

A lot has happened at Printroom in the last year. If you weren't able to make it to our show in Las Vegas, come join us at Photo Plus at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from October 23-25, 2008. Stop by and see us, and find out what exciting new features we are developing.

Image X 08: Taking it to the streets of
The Big Easy.

If you attended WPPI in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance you saw our good friends Cherie Steinberg-Coté and partner Hedley Jones showing their work, sharing valuable tips, and conducting wedding shoots right in the Printroom booth. Having built a very successful photography business in Los Angeles, Cherie and Hedley have learned a thing or two along the way…about photography and about business.

Now, you can learn from the best. Cherie and Hedley will be participating with some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the country for three days of workshops at Image X ‘08 in New Orleans from October 6-8, 2008.

Cherie and Hedley will be conducting workshops on everything from getting award-winning shots to marketing and promotion. “Our workshop is for the photographer who wants to make the wedding day go as smooth and as fun as possible. My aim is to help photographers with their brides become a team whose #1 goal is to get the best wedding photographs possible”. In addition, they will take it to the streets of New Orleans for a shoot with a fabulous bride.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from the world’s leading wedding and portrait photographers. For more information, check out Image X ’08 and Cherie’s blog.

Taking care of Mac:
Plug-ins and PSM for the rest of us.

Printroom is well aware that many of our clients spend their days on the Apple Macintosh platform. You know who you are. In the beginning of the year, Printroom introduced a series of features that are sure to put a smile on every Apple user’s face.

Plug-ins for both Apple Aperture and Apple iPhoto

These plug-ins enable photographers to easily upload images into their new and existing Printroom online storefronts from within Aperture or iPhoto. The new plug-ins are accessible within each application’s menu. After selecting photos to upload, the Printroom plug-in can automatically create and populate a formatted online gallery at the photographer’s Printroom storefront.

Printroom Studio Manager (PSM) for Mac version 3.1

Mac PSM 3.1 introduces new capabilities such as providing photographers with the ability to select different professional grade papers and color effects on a per-order basis. It also adds direct lab ordering capabilities, enhanced shipping and billing management, plus greater flexibility for managing galleries from either a local hard drive or online through the Printroom website.

Click here for more information about Aperture and iPhoto plug-ins.

Check out our homepage on your iPhone

We're working towards complete mobile phone capability. Our first success story is with the Apple iPhone. Our homepage is now viewable on your iPhone mobile device.

© 2008 Printroom, Inc. All rights reserved. is the trademark of Printroom, Inc. References to specific customers are for informational purposes and should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendations by such customer.

Flash websites are now scalable.

The world is getting bigger and so are we. As technology increases, monitors and the available viewing area are getting larger. Most monitor screens are at a minimum 1024 x 768, and many are set to even greater sizes. Instead of being limited to an 800 x 600 pixel live area, your Printroom Flash website now expands to take advantage of the full size of the browser, so your photography can command even more attention.

To take full advantage of this feature, we recommend that you revisit the slideshow images featured on your Flash website. As the images can also expand to fill the space, it is important to load images with sufficient resolution so they look as sharp as possible, no matter what the viewing size. As a general rule of thumb, images should be 1100px x 660px. If you have more questions regarding this feature, contact your account manager.

Premium Account Support: Stay up to speed, 24/7

Printroom Premium account members now have instant access to an enhanced level of support. Interact with Printroom Support on a prioritized basis using your own version of our Web-based customer resource software– Using Salesforce, you can quickly create cases online, 24/7, that are sent to Printroom Support with the highest level of priority. You can also view and post comments to your Printroom support cases as well as your customers’ support cases. If you have any questions about how to access or use your Printroom Premium Support, please contact Printroom Support.

New Web address options

In case you haven’t noticed, Printroom has added a new address option for member URLs. In the past, all member URLs were formatted with the Printroom name first and the photographers company name second, like this:

Now you get both. You have the option to maintain your current address or use the newly formatted address with your name first, such as this: http://yourcompany

Either one will work-it's always your choice.

Will's Tip Corner

It's all about time: Pro Studio Manager's auto fulfillment feature
Here’s a PSM tip that can save you a ton of time while ensuring your customer’s satisfaction-a win-win for everyone. With the auto-fulfillment feature, PSM will automatically upload the hi-res images necessary to print your customers’ orders. Set it up to run every night, and you can take care of business without having to worry about making sure your hi-res images are getting uploaded-less work for you and timely fulfillment for your customers.

Click here for more info.

Upcoming Events

Photo Plus International Conference and Expo
October 23-25, 2008
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

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