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Talking Pix: When you just have to say it outloud.

You get a card in the mail. It has the most adorable photo of your grandkids. You melt. Then you press on the corner of the card, and what do you hear but their tiny voices telling you that they miss you. Could it get any better than this?

For long-distance relatives, or when they're just up the street, a Talking Pix card is the closest you get to being right there. Each card includes a 10 second personalized recorded message. Straight from your telephone.



Product Information

Key Features
Finished size: 4"x8"
Printed on photo paper
Landscape or portrait configuration
Includes envelope

Image Resolution
Good: 400x800px
Best: 600x1200px

Available in glossy, matte, or pro lustre finish
Includes a 10 second recorded greeting


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