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  How does a Printroom account work?

  How do I make money using Printroom?

  How much does it cost to set-up an account?

  How do I get paid?

  What are your Terms of Service for Printroom accounts?

  What is your privacy policy?


  What technology do you use to print photographs?

  Will my prints last?

  What resolution images can be used to make photographs?

  Do you enhance images before printing?

  Can my customers purchase photo greeting cards or photo gifts from my galleries?

  How long will it take to ship my photographs?

  Can I mail in a CD-ROM with full-size image files for you to upload?

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Web Services

  How does Printroom protect and secure my photos so others cannot copy and print?

  What is a studio website?

  What is a gallery?

  What is a group?

  What security options are available when I set up a gallery?

  Can I keep some galleries private?

  How many images can I have in a gallery?

  Do my customers have to be a member to access my galleries?

  What is the total number of images I can store?

  How do I know how much space/capacity I have in my account?

  Can I add additional storage to my account?

  Do you offer image archiving?

  How do I host image files on other websites?

  How many galleries can I have?

  Where do I tell my customers to go so they can find the correct gallery?

  Can my customers crop their photos or add borders when ordering from my site?

  What is a Team and Player poster and how can I order it?

  Do you use secure ordering?

  How do I redeem coupons or promotions?

  How do I change my order or check its status?

  How do I check the order status for my customers?

  How do I upload images?

  What is Drag & Drop Plug-In?

  I click the "Browse" button, but I don't see any image files in the new "File Upload" window. I am in the correct folder and I know they should be there.

  How long does it take to upload my images?

  What file formats do you support?

  How can I tell that the upload is complete?

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