Membership Features: A side-by-side comparison

Printroom offers three levels of membership to support professional photographers. All memberships offer the same top-quality photo processing and online sales. If you are a serious photographer looking for a Flash storefront, custom Event Pages, and more sales and marketing tools, then the Pro membership is the one for you. If you're looking for a full service e-commerce solution, then the Premium membership is what you want.

Features Classic Pro Premium
Image hosting without time limits 300 MB* 1 GB* Unlimited
Custom online storefronts (HTML)
Set your prices for prints and products and receive a monthly profit check from your sales
Extensive prints and photo gift product offering
Lab services  
Top-quality pro photo lab
Easy-to-use upload software
Beautiful galleries to display your photos
Elegant slideshows with integrated shopping cart  
Link images to Facebook Allow customers to post links to their photos and event sites on Facebook  
Professional quality with 100% Guarantee
Sales and marketing tools
Printroom Direct ROES software
ICC color profiles
Live Web-based training
Dynamic custom Flash website with integrated storefronts  
Unique Flash websites for customer events with optional music, VIP access, and Email Manager   Optional Add-on**
Telephone support  
Searchable from Global Find Photos  
Member Discounts on prints, products, and shipping   5% discounts off orders*** 15% discounts off orders***
Premium Support- create and check on support issues for yourself and your customers and receive priority status on all of your cases    
Website statistics    
100% custom landing page Custom-designed landing page with your own look and feel – View Example    
Custom photo and gift product templates    
E-commerce plug-in Host your images on your own site and use Printroom’s shopping cart for your online sales    
Price Free $9.99/mo
or $99/yr
or $199/yr

*With uploads using Pro Studio Manager software, a Classic account with 300 MB of storage space will hold approximately 6000 images, and the Pro account with 1 GB will store approximately 20,000 images.

**Pro members can purchase five Customer Event Websites for $4.99/mo or $49/year. Premium members receive five Event Websites with their membership at no charge and can purchase unlimited Event Websites for $4.99/mo or $49/year.

***Discounts for orders placed through only Lab Central

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