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Carrie Devorah, an international award winning photojournalist, covered news, sports, celebrities and everyday superstars in Europe before relocating to the East Coast.

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CARRIE DEVORAH > ANIMALS Four Legged Two Legged and Winged

A BOY A DOG AND A DREAM  The boy looked at his mom and said this is my god. His mother said it is his dream

MAN's BEST FRIEND Dog  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are found in all types of locations. But there is no denying that Man is Dog's best fan, I mean friend....

CAROLINE AND JACK WIN THE MACMILLAN CANCER RELIEF DOG SHOW  Jack was hiding under a dandelion when we met in Hyde Park. Recently adopted by Caroline she jumped at my suggestion she enter him in the Macmillan Cancer Center Dog Show for charity. The rest is history. Jack won. And beat the cat.

BIRDS  In any country fowl are universal...

SAN DIEGO SEA WORLD  I guess going off on safari is a viable option to some but to me it is the relationships between enclosured animals and man that is fascinating. I wonder what the animals think as they look outward to us in our world's constraints...

UK ZOO ANIMALS  Cultures may be different but zoos, its seems, may be similar when it comes to children and activities offered to introduce them to the disappearing world of wildlife. Face painting, hands on fur touching, kids of all ages love learning about animals...

HOW MUCH WAS THAT DOGGIE IN THE PET SHOP The One With The Red Fox Like Hair... ba da ba da  He cost a life time of love. Ruffio, a shibah inu, one of the oldest in America, is blind, I am his seeing eye person. Knowing he is slowing down, I am decided to share his world, with me....


TEDDINGTON DEER The Queen's Own  They roam the national park located a stone's throw from Kempton Racetrack. They are the Royal Deer, property of the Queen. At a sunrise or sunset, they may cross your path, stand, then race away setting the world, or so it seems, on fire.

DOGS DOGS EVEYWHERE DOGS  They are called man's best friend but truth be told they are man's room mate, therapist, culinary expert and so much more.

THE BARK BALL A Dogs Night Out  It is the one night a year man's best friend gets to dress up for a dog gone night on the town. The Humane Society attracts to DC pups and old dogs showing off their new tricks, all in the name of charity.

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