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Carrie Devorah, an international award winning photojournalist, covered news, sports, celebrities and everyday superstars in Europe before relocating to the East Coast.

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WHITE HOUSE  The White House is the People's house. The President hosts politicians, dignitaries, diplomats and everyday people.

POLITICS  People demonstrate their opinions through verbal, creative, violent and non-violent demonstrations. It is by reading their placards at the event and over time that one can build a perspective on the forces driving or being driven by activism.


MILITARY  DC, town filled with warriors, present and past. Military District Washington recreates moments in song performed by its talented travelling troupes, is the spoke of the country's warriors located throughout these United States.

TOURISM DC  Washington DC hosts many events throughout the year. The showcased events are, in the least, annual, celebrating the world around DC and DC around the world.


PROTESTS  People around the world vocalize their opinons through marches and rallies.

RELIGION  Sometimes when people of culture come together they see their differences rather than their similarities the ingredient needed for peace to have a chance.

CELEBRITIES, Political and Otherwise  

ARTWORKS  Carrie Devorah is a Pratt Institute alumnus. Having led the baby design world she retired into covering international horseracing and now politics. Along the way, she remains a greeting card artist with an eye for inspiration and an art for motivation.

HORSE  Horses are a fascination with man, for pleasure, for work, for sport. Countless industries rely on horses. Countless people are devoted to horse, in work and play.

AMERICA'S OLD GLORY POST 911  Old Glory has swung in the breeze above the heads of Americans worldwide. Post 911 the Stars and Stripes took on a new dimension, in fact, on old dimension revived... patriotism.

TRAVEL  People go everywhere. Some want to go anywhere. Others denying themselves books bearing images, they go no further than their front doorstep....

THE WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL DEDICATION WEEK  Veterans came from around to world, if they were alive and not ill. They gathered to honor God and their country. For some reason, their honor from God was set aside...

RONALD REAGAN 2005 The DC Mourning  He remains a symbol of potential, exemplifying what man can achieve when they just set out on the straight and narrow and hold their path true...

ANIMALS Four Legged Two Legged and Winged  

TERRORISM  No words are needed..... history repeats itself [Caution: contains graphic images]

SIGNS OF OUR TIMES  Sometimes you just have to chuckle at what people say and do and post in publi places.....

CHINCOTEAGUE ISLAND'S 80th ANNIVERSARY PONY SWIM  The romance of the pony swim was borne with the myth of Spaniards and sunken galleons. The legend is perpetuated by Saltwater Cowboys to fund their all volunteer firedepartment...




DC'S THREE WISE CONSTRUCTION MEN  They came bearing gifts of a hammer, twine and a traffic security cone. They are the Magi, the three wise men of the construction going on outside the FTC building. Though it seemed that Joseph was sitting on the baby faced one's lap. Laughter to all

RESTORING THE NATIONS CAPITOL  Restoration of the Capitol is an on going event. Specialists in in the arts, on staff along with outside contractors, work on the historic building.

COMMITTEE OF 100 TALKS BASEBALL  The Committee of 100 set up to assure DC's building boom follows L'enfants city plan. And then came along baseball and mayoral candidates...

YEAR OF THE DOG  DC's Chinatown is small by Chinatown standards. Except when it comes to celebrating it throws a big party complete with politicians running for office, Fallun Gong promoting their meditation. An official told one woman "no politics here." In DC? smile

THE CLASSIC VALIANT AT THE WHITE HOUSE  The Russian foreign minister was at the White House to meet with the President. The Congressmen arrived one by one by one until one arrived in a classic maybe '65 Plymouth Valiant, congressional 5C. Cherry.....

THE NATIONAL CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL The Trees  It is an annual explosion of blossoms down at the Tidal Basin ringing the Jefferson, the Roosevelt and location of the Martin Luther King Memorial. The gift from Japan is the gift that keeps giving to DC tourism and memories of engagements, a first kiss..

ANNUAL CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL LIGHTING OF THE STONE LANTERN AT THE TIDAL BASIN IN WASHINGTON DC  The lantern is one of two. It is from 1654. Temple. Edo. Now called Tokyo. A gift to America from Japan. So the lantern gets lit, the Cherry Festival Princess gets picked, the blossoms are photographed. And it is another year of twinning two countries.

WHEELIE DOG  He was standing outside of Starbucks at the corner of R and Connecticut. Stoic. On guard. Looking. Wheelie Dog was looking for his best friend. I was there over 20 minutes. His best friend wasnt looking for him it seems. So much for devotion.

2006 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL Wall Decorations  Visitors to the National Law Enforcement Memorial bring with gifts for their brethren eternally on watch. Cigars, libations, teddy bears, and car doors. Momentos of good times that ended much too soon. The momentos ground the NLEOM museum slated for 2007

2006 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL WEEK 2006 In The Rain  They come rain or shine. After all, their friends and family are there four seasons strong. They walk looking for names to touch, trace, kiss and sit with a while. No rush. Just memories of good times and loss of hearts and souls.

2006 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL WEEK 2006 The Emerald Piping Marching Band  They streamed up to Judiciary Square. On this day, all officers marching in the band were Irish, in their hearts at least. Chaplains marched with bands from across the country even some from around the world. They marched in tribute to say, hello, forever

2006 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL WEEK LAW RIDE  A quick glance and you can imagine being surrounded by bikers. Well, you are. Blue Angels, Blue Knights, the good guys looking bad to the bone but in fact being soft to their core. Watch their tears stream for fallen friends.

2006 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL WEEK Sevice On The Capitol West Lawn  Each year of his presidency, Mr. Bush is present at the Memorial respecting families of fallen LEOs. He is the first to pin a carnation in the heart of the FOP star. And he stays until the last family member is hugged with Vince Gill and his cabinet there


ISRAEL The Israel Project 2007  Taggers around the world use artistic expression on walls and other surfaces to express emotions otherwise bottled up insise. Tagging in the old city is unique to tagging in Tel Aviv.

SPIRITUAL WASHINGTON DC   Washington DC, visitors are told, is built on a swamp. Ok. More correctly, Washington DC was built on faith, with belief and prayer filled home for a new beginning for all religions.


TED AND BARACK RESURRECTING CAMELOT  They were the unlikeliest of pairings, he was old and crusty, the other was young and green. Together they barn raised an mythological moment in American history..... resurrecting Camelot


OBAMA Michelle and Barack  

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