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Oracle Racing Pier 80 Open House and Media Day  Open House at Pier 80 in SF and Ac 45 cat demo day on SF Bay

2012 Corinthian YC Midwinters  Images from Saturdays Race 3 in the 4 race CYC midwinter regatta on San Francisco Bay

2012 3 Bridge Fiasco  Select Images from the 2012 SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco... Dont see you or wish to see more? erik@h2oshots.com...Please stop by www.pressure-drop.us and say hello!

2012 GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup  Images from GGYC's Seaweed Soup # 3 on San Francisco Bay Check out www.pressure-drop.us for reports and fun!

Oracle AC 45's 1st Sail on San Francisco Bay  The 1st launch and sail recorded of Oracle Racing's AC 45's numbers 4 and 5 from Pier 80 on San Francisco Bay

2011 J Fest  IMages from 2011 J-Fest at StFYC

THE BEST of 2011  The Best of 2011 on and around San Francisco Bay! Just in time for Christmas! Download , Print and insert in frame, put on calendar and Voila!!! INSTANT gift for that sailor in your life!

2011 Aussi Skiffs Day5  Final day of StFYC International 18 Regatta in San Francisco!

2011 Aussie Skiffs Day 4 & B2B  Images from August 25th, Day 4 of the International 18' Skiff Regatta and the World Famous Bridge 2 Bridge

2011 Aussie Skiffs Day 3 Selects  Selects from Day 3 of 2011 SFYC 18' INternational Regatta

2011 Aussie Skiffs Day 2  Day 2 of the StFYC 18' Internationals

2011 Aussie Skiffs Day 1  Images from 2011 Aussie Skiffs on SF Bay. Day one August 21

2011 Seaweed Soup #2 GGYC  The 2nd race of the GGYC's Seaweed Soup mid winters series, sailed under impossibly blue skies and unlimited visibility! The entire gallery! Full report at www.pressure-drop.us !

2011 Seaweed Soup Number 2  Select images from race 2 of the GGYC's Seaweed Soup Regatta. More images availible: erik@h2oshots.com www.pressure-drop.us for more!

AC 45s on SF BAy  Images from AC 45s testing on SF Bay. Many more availible upon request! erik@h2oshots.com

2011 SFYC Fall Classic Selects  Select images from the 2011 SFYC Fall Classic

2011 YRA Champions of Champions Yankee Cup  Images from the Harding Rock rounding in the Champions of Champions 2011, ie Yankee Cup

October 15th 2011  Images from various October 15th on San Francisco Bay, includinf , Jessica Cup, SF Fall Classic, Calvin Paige, Yankee Cup and Herb Mayer Regattas. More to follow as edited and broken into regattas. Check out www.pressure-drop.us!

2011 Aussie Skiff International  Where the images from the 2011 Aussie Skiff International Regatta will live! Hang on!

2011 Catalina 34 Nationals  Images from Saturday's sailing on the City Front. Images can be adjusted to grayscale of desired. Please check out Ray Irvines report ath www.pressure-drop.us

2011 Sarcoma Cup  Selects from 2011 Sarcoma Cup

2011 Big Boat Series Day 1 Part 2  The 2nd part of the 2011 Big Boat Series Day 1 image collection.

2011 BBS Day 1 Part 1  1st half of imagery from Day 1 of the 2011 Big Boat Series on San Francisco Bay. 2nd half to follow. Check out www.pressure-drop.us while you are waiting!

2011 Big Boat Series Day 2  Images from Day 2 of 2011 Big Boat Series at the Stfyc on SF Bay. Day one to follow!

2011 Big Boat Series Day 3  Images from Saturday, September 10th, 2011. Day 3 of Big Boat Series. Days 2 and 1 to follow!

Farr 400 at 2011 Big Boat Series  A few selects from Thursday days sailing at the 2011 Big Boat Series

2011 Big Boat Series Days 1-3 Selects  A limited gallery of images from the 2011 Rolex Big Boat Series on San Francisco Bay! Complete Galleries to Follow!Please check out www.pressure-drop.us for reports, captions and results!

2011 Jazz Cup Selects  Select images from the start through Point San Pablo. Don't see you boat or wish to see addtional images? erik@h2oshots.com! www.pressure-drop.us for pics, stories and reports! Check it Out!!!

2011 RRR, Laser Worlds,Summer Keel and SB INtra-Club  Select Images from Saturday August 13, including the Richmond Riviera Regatta, Laser Master Worlds, Summer Keel and South Beach INtra Club

August 13 2011 San Francisco Bay  Select images from 4 events on San Francisco Bay. The RYC' Richmond Riviera, The SFYC's Summer Keel, The StFYC's Lasers's Masters Worlds, and the South Bay's Intra-Club event! Check out www.pressure-drop.us !

2011 Silver Eagle And SF Classic Selects  Select images from the start of the 2011 Silver Eagle and SF Classic

2011 SSS Half Moon Bay Race  Single Handed Sailing Society's annual pilgramage to Pillar Point Harbor, where you can sail up hill both ways!

2011 Laser Jr Worlds SF BAy  IMages from Day 2 of the Laser Jr Worlds at the StFYC On SF Bay!

2011 Laser 4.7 Junior World Championship  A select few images from Friday's action on SF Bay as the StFYC host's the Laser 4.7 Worlds. Check out www.pressure-drop.us and stay tune for additional photos here!

SunFast 3200  Images of the new Sunfast 3200 on San Francisco Bay

2011 NOOD Regatta Berkeley Circle  Images from the Berkely Circle fleet of the 2011 NOOD regatta, Sunday June 26th, 2011.

2011 NOOD Regatta City Front  Images from the City Front fleet of the 2011 NOOD SF regatta. Bezerkely Circle images to follow...patience grasshopper...

2011 Coastal Cup Thursday Start  Selects from Division "D" of the 2011 Coastal Cup starting on Thursday June 16th 2011

2011 Coastal Cup Start Wednesday  Start of the 2011 Coastal Cups Div A andC, Wednesday June 15th. Thursdays start to follow

2011 Sailstice, Barbary Coast, Opti HW and a lil Woodie  Pics from Saturday June 18 2011, featuring the Sailstice, Barbary Coast, Some Heavy Weather Opti and a few Knaars, just for the heck of it! Storys and stuff at www.pressure-drop.us

2011 Master Mariners Selects  Select images from the 2011 Edition of the Master Mariner Regatto on San Francisco Bay

2011 Spinnaker Cup  Images from the start of the 2011 Spinnaker Cup, the 90 nm down hill run from SF to Monterey. Full report and video at www.pressure-drop.us

May 21 2011, In Search Of The Rapture. SSS Farallones and More  Images From May 21, 2011. Various images from about the Sf Bay with StFYC Team Races, SSS Farallones, YRA Spring, Crusing and Bundles More!

2011 Vallejo Race Finish  Some selects from the finish of the 2011 Vallejo Race taken from a super secret spot!

2011 Duxship  Images from finish of 2011 OYRA Duxship. Quiver to Solar Wind only. Sorry you fast boats were too fast, and the last ones too far and wind was dropping... Please visit www.pressure-drop.us

Adventurecat Sailing  Sample images of Adventure Cat Sailing on SF Bay. Wednesday May 4th 2011

2011 American Windsurfing Tour Santa Cruz CA  Images from Waddell Creek and the 2011 American Windsurfing Tour...Editors please advise if you need to look at larger files. Contact erik@h2oshots.com Thanks!

2011 Crewed Lightship  Finishers from the 2011 Crewed Lightship. Please check out www.pressure-drop.us for write ups and reports!

2011 Big Dinghy, Wheeler, Intra Club Regattas  Pics from various regattas on Saturday, April 16 2011, including RYC's Big Dinghy, Harken Optis, Wheeler and SouthBay Regattas and a preview of the New Mayhem

April 2011 Orders  Orders for April

2011 SSS Corinthian Regatta  The 2011 edition of the SSS Corinthian Race. 105 Shorthanded Crews Tour the San Francisco Bay in abundant sunshine! Please stop by www.pressure-drop.us and tell us about your strategy!

2011 SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco  Select from the 2011 SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco with a record 368 entries! Sister images available upon request. (erik@h2oshots.com) Check out www.pressureddrop.us!

2011 CYC Mid Winters Saturday  Images from Saturdays glorious romp around The Bay in brilliant sunshine! Sister images availible upon request! Check out www.pressure-drop.us if you have not done so already!

San Francisco Bay Aerial  Collection of aerial images of SF Bay infrastructure and scenics. We have a multitude of other aerial images avialible, please contact erik@h2oshots.com with queries

J_111 Invisible Hand  Frank Slootman's Hull number 4 J-111 Invisible Hand Stretches Her Legs On San Francisco Bay! The whole series!

Best of 2010 Horizontals  The choice images from 2010 in horizontal form. Will be adding additional images shortly as well as a verticle gallery! Order a personal Calendar Here: http://www.calendarlink.biz/pressuredrop/home.html

December 2010 Orders  The place to review potential images from the 2010 season. If you wish to see photos of your boat from various events in 2010 and did not see them in the " Selects: gallery of that event, please email erik@h2oshots.com with request. Don't delay!

J-111 Invisible Hand  Frank Slootmans new J-111 Invisible Hand debuts on San Francisco Bay. Check out big pics at www.pressure-drop.us

2010 Great Pumpkin Selects  Select Images from the RichMond YC's Great Pumpkin Pursuit Race. Please Check out the action at www.pressure-drop.us!

2010 Moore 24 Nationals  Saturdays big fun in Santa Cruz California. Nice breeze, nice swell, tight competition with these super fun ultralights! Full reports at www.pressure-drop.us

2010 Rolex Big Boat Series Selects  A finite selection of imagery from Days 1. 2, & 3 or the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco. Full galleries of each day to follow!, Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while you are waiting! FREE Pressure Drop Tee with orders over $100.00!

2010 Finn Gold Cup Day 1  Day 1 of the Finn Gold Cup San Francisco Day 3 to Follow

2010 Express 27 Nationals  Ocean Race select image from Saturday! Free Pressure Drop Tee for all orders over $100.00 More images availible!

2010 Sarcoma Cup  Open 5.70 Section of Saturdays Sarcoma Cup Regatta 50% of sales goes to Beat Sarcoma.org! You can also order select images directly from Sarcoma Cup Website, 100% profit goes to Beat Sarcoma! Please Check Out www.pressure-drop.us!

Pursuit M Clas  Pursuit M Class Sail SF Bay After Lengthy Retrofit

2010 Aussie Skiffs Day 1 Aerials  Day on of the 2010 International 18' Skiff Regatta at the StFYC! Video version at: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=MPyk5rSTW5c

2010 International Skiff Regatta  A finite selection of the weeks happening from the 2010 18's Skiffs on SF Bay. More to follow!

2010 18' Skiff Internationals  Sundays Aerial Selects, More to follow! Please check out www.pressure-drop.us!

2010 Melges Race Week  Day 1 and 2 of 2010 Melges Race Week: Selects! Please check out www.pressure-drop.us for coverage! Free Preesure Drop Tee with all orders ofve $100!!!

California Condor Selects  Selects of California Condor from start of 2010 Pacific Cup

2010 Santana 22 Nationals  Images from Saturdays Racing!!! Please check out www.pressure-drop.us! Thanks!

YRA 2nd Half Opener  Some Selects from the Saturday's Bonita Race. Sister images availible! Just ask! Orders over $100.00 get a FREE Pressure Drop Tee Shirt!

Longshot Rides Again Selects  Some select images from Russell Longs revisit of an old friend, Longshot, taken Saturday July 24 at Oyster Point, South San Francisco Bay. Full story at www.pressure-drop.us!

2010 Pac Cup Selects  Images from the various Pacific Cup Race starts (SF to Hawaii) will live here! Please check out www.pressure-drop.us while you are surfing! You can win FREE swag!

2010 NOOD SF Selects  The best of Saturday featuring primarily the F-18 Fleet Please check with www.pressure-drop.us for updates, photos and relevant stuff! And don't ferget to check the Ditch Run files for exlusive 2010 Ditch Run Aerials!!! Many A Cat!

Misc June 19th 2010  Misc shots taken June 19th 2010 about the bay...will add images as time allows...please send request if I have missed something! Thanks!

2010 YRA Sailstice  Shots from 2010 YRA Sailstice Regatta

2010 Easom Founders  Melgi and Etchells on the Bezerkeley Circle

2010 SSS Single Handed Transpac Start  Start of the SSS Singlehaned transpac! More to follow! Please check out www.pressure-drop.us for updates and more!

2010 Coastal Cup Selects Complete!  The complete selection from the 2010 Coastal Cup! Enjoy!

2010 Ditch Run Images 1-500  1st 500 images from the Ditch Run! Only 600 more to sort...hang on...they be coming! Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while yer waiting and add your thoughts and stories to the Ditch Run thread!

2010 Ditch Run Selects  A select sampling from Saturday 20th Anniversary of the Ditch Run.. Stay tunned to www,pressure-drop.us for a full write up. Entirer gallery to follow!

2010 Spinnaker Cup Complete  Aerial Images from the record breaking start of the 2010 Spinnaker Cup. From SF to Monterey! Check out www.pressure-drop.us if you have not already done so!

2010 Master Mariner Part Duece  2nd part of Master Mariners... Shoretened lens with different perspective! Thanks For visiting...Got an interesting story about your fine vessel> Please share at www.pressure-drop.us!

2010 Master Mariners Volumne 1  The 1st installment of Master Mariners . Hope to get remainder up tommorow

2010 Master Mariner Selects  A select few from the 2010 Master Mariners Regatta, Many More to follow plus some verbiage at www.pressure-drop.us

2010 Spinnaker Cup  A few selects from todays start! More to follow!

2010 Single Handed Farallones  Images of the start of the 2010 Singlehanded Farallones Race, Got a story about your trip? www.pressure-drop.us would love to hear it!

KFOG KABOOM  KFOG's Annual Big Bang! This year at the home of the Niners!

2010 Single handed Farallones Start  A few select from todays start! More to follow,,,

2010 Elite Keel Regatta  A blustery Day on the Bezerkeley Flats! Enjoy.. and stop by and say hello at www.pressuredrop.us Thanks!

2010 Frank Stone Cup  Saturdays action in all it's raging glory! Next Up the Elite Keel, Elvstrom and rest of Vallejo! Thanks for your patience..

2010 Stone Cup Selects  A select few from Saturdays City Front action. Full gallery to follow. Check out www.pressure-drop.us for full report!

Shadow returns from crewed Farallones  Images of Shadow racing home from the 2010 Crewed Farallones

Windsurfing at Golden Gate  Images taken the Golden Gate Bridge, Saturday May 8th 2010...looking good! If yer a Elvstrom Zellerbach person. hang tight... www.pressure-drop.us is a great place to hang!

Kite Boarding at the Golden Gate  Kite Boarding west of the Golden Gate. Good breeze, nice ebb and plenty of action!

2010 Vallejo Part 1  The 1st 1/2 of the Great Vallejo Race, 2nd half SOON.. Plus the Elvstrom Zellerbach Too... Sorry for delays...Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while you are in the hood! Thanks

2010 Duxship  The Whole Enchilada! The Duxship finishers in its entirety.. (well to X-dream anyways!) Betterer late than never!

2010 Elvstrom Zellerbach  A quick of a few selects to gander upon as we weed through the files and edit! Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while you are waiting! Thanks!

2010 Great Vallejo Race Teaser  A few selects to gander at while mull through the massive collection..Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while you wait! Thanks!

Windsurfing Candlestick Point  Flat Water Heaven. The masses were out en force taking all the Stick had to give!

2010 Duxship Selects  A few choice ones til the full edit is complete

Windsurfing Candlestick Point Selects  A few selects from a nice windy afternoon in the shadow of the Legend that is Candlestick Park

Clipper Around the World San Francisco Departure  Departure shots for the Clipper Around the World Challenge Dpearting SF April 20th 2010, more to follow! Please check out the thread at www.pressure-drop.us to follow remainder of race!

April 17th Selects  A few of the pic fro mthe many many activities happening on SF Bay this weekend..more to follow

2010 SSS Corinthian and Jfest  The Big Blow. Late Season storm brings winter back in mid April ... follow the thread: http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/showthread.php?234-SSS-Corinthian-and-JFest-pics

2010 Doublehanded Farallones  The entire gallery taken from event taken from the frigid South Tower.... Enjoy!

Cruisers  The 1st of the cruisers from Saturday March 20th, more to follow, me thinks!

Cape Breton Island Finish in San Francisco  Leg 7 winner of Qingdao to SF leg of Clipper Around the World Race, just a few selects, images uploading... Check out www.pressure-drop.us while you are waiting

March 20 2010  March 20th Cruiser Gallery. We didn't forget, just got a little swamped! The are coming, in meantime, take a stroll over to www.pressure-drop.us for a little fun! Thanks!

March27 2010  Images from various events from March 27th are in the Green Room!!! Hang on we like to edit them, we be working as fast as we can! Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while you are waiting! Thanks!!!

2010 Crewed Lightship part 2  Inbound...pics from Bonita and Mile Rocks, mostly... Dont ferget to check out www,pressure-drop.us if you haven't already! Thanks!

2010 Crewed Lightship Outbound  The 1st 1/2 of the CLS images, we begin with Flying Ace and end with a Heart Attack...Please visit www.pressure-drop.us while yer waiting for part duece, in inbound portion

2010 Crewed Lightship  A few selects to nibble on, over 590 images to weed through. Check out www.pressure-drop.us while yer waiting, join the fun and start something new

March 13th 2010  Some selects from Saturday March 13th 2010. a little this and a little that...Please check out: http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php while you are surfing about!

2010 Spring Keel Regatta  The 1st of the season with a spring in the title to put a spring in your step...Sorry for the delay...Enjoy!

2010 Big Daddy Regatta  The Big Daddy of them all...Richmond YC's annual spring rite of passage...

2010 SeaWeedSoupe Finale  Simmered long and slow then servered pipping hot, with a generous side of Boudins Sourdough and a frosty cold Anchor Steam...Just the way you like it!

2003 Moet Cup San Francisco  A brief look back in the past. Heaps more images availible Please query erik@h2oshots.com Thanks!

2010 Three Bridge Fiasco, en order  Presented in order taken, NOT the order the puter program desires...The 3 Bridge Fiasco, now in 3D!

2010 3 Bridge Fiasco  The most fun you can have with one or two hands legally while wearing a pfd. Glorious sun and even more wind than predicted! Enjoy

Santa Cruz 50 Deception  Sc 50 Deception out for practice sail April 4th 2009

The BEST of the 2009 SF Sailing Racing Season  A review of the 2009 Racing season with a few select crash sequences thrown in for giggles. A nice way to look back at 2009 and forward to 2010! Complete CDs avalible, contact erik@h2oshots or details!

Braveheart  A few selects of TP 52 Braveheart

Arrival of Bojangles, From Choshi Japan to SF  1st unassisted completetion of an unassisted rowing transit of the Pacific Ocean, 189 Days and 5,100 miles. Mick Dawson and Chris Martin from Great Britain, our hats off to you!

2009 Fall Finns at StFYC  Part of the Oly / Fall event. 25 boats gear up in the season finale!

2009 Great Pumpkin Pursuit  The most fun you can have with a gourde legally and with certain impunity...

2009 Jessica Cup  The Annual Master Mariners Grand Finale..Classic Woodies out showing their stuff!

2009 Finn Pre Gold Cup  Images from the StFYC Pre-Gold Cup on trhe Berkeley Circle, San Frincisco Bay

Kelpie  Photos of Kelpie cruising San Francisco South Bay

2009 Islander 36 North Americans  Spirited sailing and blustery breeze with a scenic background, what more could you ask for?

2009 Wylie Cats 30 Intergalactics  430 pics the Wyliecat 30 Nationals from San Francisco Bay

2009 J-24 US NAtionals  Pics from Saturday...enjoy!

2009 YRA Season Closer  Saturdays racing. A little Island tour and a little windward leeward...Enjoy!

2009 29er US Nationals Day 2  Sundays action, all keyworded and everything! Not all images may be keyworded, but most are...I you recognize some that do not have proper labels, please advise! Thanks!

Various selects from Sept 26 2009  A variety of goings on on SF Bay Saturday September 23. Wish to see more, please email erik@h2oshots.com

09 YRA Season Closer selects  A fistfull of select images from Satudays fun, Complete gallery to follow!

2009 J 24 US Nationals  Handfull of select from Saturday...the complete gallery to follow...

2009 29er US NAtionals Day 1  Images from Saturday, Sunday to follow...thanks for looking! Keyword sail # or crew name fo select groupings, or carnage or crash sequence!

2009 BeatSarcoma Cup  Images from the 2009 Sarcoma Cup, featuring Open 5.70s, Etchells, Wylie Wabbits and J-105s. 50% of profits to go to beatsarcoma.org

2009 Catalina 30 Nationals  A modest collection of sweet shots taken as the fleet approached Blackaller Bouy on Sundays finale..

2009 Folkboat Internationals  Sundays finale at Knox, lots of wood!

2009 29er US Nationals Selects  A few selects from the 2009 29 US Nats held in SF..complete gallery to follow!

2009 505 Worlds Aerials Complete with keyword search  The entire collection of Fridays race from an elevated platform! Enter sail number, crew names or country for refined selection

2009 505 Worlds Day 3 Complete with Keyword search!  The entirety of Day 3 from the SF 505 Worlds. insert sail number or names to isolate particular boats! Now onto editing Arials...

2009 Big Boat Series Day 1  The complete day 1 collection with keywrod search function enabled. Just typ in boat name, sail number, class or owner name for refined viewing... Thanks for visiting..enjoy!

2009 505 Worlds Day 1 Complete with Keyword Seach function  Sundays windy day 1 complete! Days 3 and 5 plus North American Championships still being editied in their entirety. Thanks for your patience!

2009 Big Boat Series Day 2 Complete!  Day 2, Friday now complete with keyword search function enabled. Now to backtrack to Day 1 then the 505 Worlds, NA's, etc...

2009 Big Boat Series Day 1 Selects  A fistfull of selects to take a gander at...enjoy..

2009 Aussie Skiffs Aerial Selects  Aerial images from Wednesday..including the wake jumping exhibition...

2009 Aussie Skiff Invasion  They're back....the fantastic flying machines from down under as well as the local skiffs..A finite selection of selects..Enjoy!

2009_505_Worlds_ Aerials_Selects  A finite selection of aerial images from Friday's Sap 505 Worlds PLEASE NOTE: ALL 505 WORLDS AND NAC GALLERYS ARE PARTIALLY FILLED. With over 8000 images to weed through, it will take a short while to fullfill. Please check www.marinemediaalliance.com

2009 SAP 505 North American Championships  A finite collection selects from the North Americans. With over 1700 images to select from, more availible, just ask! Erik@h2oshots.com Please also visit www.marinemediaalliance.com for highlights from the 2009 505 North Americans and World Championships

2009 Kiteboard Course Racing Worlds  1st ever World Championship of Kiteboarding Course Racing!

YRA Second Half Opener Vol 3  The finale in the Estuary...

Kernan 44 Klub Racer  Pics of the new Santa Cruz 44' ATim Kernan Design out for a sail on San Francisco Bay.

YRA 2nd Half opener part 2  Part two, more shots outside the gate and a few fast movers along the City Front...next up inside the Estuary...Sorry for the delay...

YRA 2nd Half Opener pt 1  The 1st 230 images, with yes, the unfortunate Savage Beauty dramatic rescue images...The rest a tad later...

July 8th Beer Can Regatta Sequoia YC  Images from a pleasant Wednesday Eve in the South Bay!

2009 Coastal Cup  Thursday Class "A" start...rest will live here when the editing is complete. Thanks for your patience...

2009 YRA Sailstice Regatta  Pic from Saturdays delayed race. What started as overcast and grim looking evolved into a sun splashed pleasant afternoon with downright sweet conditions!

2009 Opti Heavy Weather Regatta  Images from Saturday June 20th's StFYC fun fest!

Cruising SF Bay June_July 2009  An ongoing collection of cruisers looking good on SF Bay. Wanna add yours? Email us and let's set up a shoot! erik@h2oshots.com

2009 Celebrity Media Regatta  The 1st annual benefit regatta for Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (www.baads.org) and GoSailingsf.org 1/2 of all proceeds will go directly to BAADS! Thanks to all Particapants

2009 Delta Ditch Volumne II  2nd half or the Delta Ditch, shot mostly near a secret spot....

2009 Delta Ditch  This is where all the select images from this years race shot in Carquinez Narrows and near Antioch Bridge will live when all the editing is done! 1st 1/2 complete! Check www.lyonsimaging.com for start shots!

2009 ASL Spring Event Pier 39  Select images from the Spring edition of 2009 ASL Championships at Pier 39 San Francisco Bay

2009 Spinnaker Cup Part 2  2nd 1/2 of images from the start of the 09 edition of the Spinnaker Cup, SF to Monterey race

2009 Spinnaker Cup part 1  Select images form the start of the 88 mile classic " Downhill" run from San Francisco to Monterey..2nd half coming...

2009 Stone Cup StFYC  Images from the 2009 Stone Cup, Saturday edition.

2009 Elvstrom Zellerbach Regatta  Oly type classes and other sdoing that thing they do on the City Front , May 2nd 2009

2009 Vallejo Part Duece  The 2nd 1/2 of the 1st Day! Enjoy!

2009 Vallejo Part 1  12st half of Saturdays upstream epic..stay tuned for more manana!

09 Vallejo  A small collection of selects...More than 800 frames to edit, so please be patient...they is a comming!

2009 Mini Silver Eagle  J-120's reaching across the Bezerkely Flats during their 1st ever mini Silver Eagle thingy...

Coastal Scenics Collection  A selection of coastal images Fom the Nor-Cal Area

2009 Resin Regatta  Images from Saturday's unexpected breezy regatta!

2009 WBRA City Front Aprill 11  Woodies being Woodies on another glorious San Francisco Bay Weekend!

2009 Singlehanded Sailing Society Corinthian Regatta  Another superb weekend on the Bay...

Cruising March 28 and April 4th 2009  Images from SF Bay from the 28th of March and April 4th 2009 Q's? Please contact erik@h2oshots.com

2009 J-Fest Day 1 Part 2  The exciting conclusion to the 1st day of the 2009 J-Fest, presented by Jimmy Dean Sausage on a stick...

2009 J-Fest Volume 1  1st 1/2 of Saturdays beautiful fun in the sun. Part 2 later tonite, me hopes!

March 28 2009 v2  Shots from Big Dinghy, NorCal HS CHamps, Windsurfing TI and the Sequioa Summer 1...

Super Secret Schpot Volumne II  More from somewhere nobody knows about..At least that's what the locals tells me...shhhhhh

2009 Crewed Lightship with South Tower Demon images  The finish of the 2009 OYRA Crewed lightship race with emphasis on the STD's pranks...enjoy!

2009 Windsurfing Super Secret Spot  Images from the super secret spot nobody knows about between San Francisco and Mexico..shhhhh!!!

2009 Double Handed Lightship  A finite selection of returnees from the ultra fast 2009 DH Lightship Regatta

2009 Big Daddy Regatta ver 2  Select adjusted images from Saturdays fun!

2009 StFYC Spring Dinghy  Select images from Saturdays racing

March 14 2008 Selected Selects  A gathering of images from the the finish of the DH Lightship, Spring Dinghy and Big Daddy Regattas... Entire Galleries from each to be posted as edited.. Thanks!

2009 Cruising Gallery  If you were cruising in 2009, look here!

2009 GGYC Midwinters # 5 and StFYC Spring Keel Regatta  In Like a Lion..The winds of March ar here.. Time to de-rustificate the boats and crews! Some nice ones from Saturdays blast on the Bay

2009 CYC Midwinters Part Duex the whole shebang!  Saturdays special photos, meticulously edited for your viewing pleasure!

2009 3 Bridge Fiasco part Deux  2nd half of the 3BF in living color, edited and served steaming hot... any cropping issuses please contact prior to ordering and we'll fix ya up!!!

2009 3 Bridge Fiasco Card 1 the BIG edit  the 1st batch from the 09 3BF, edited for your viewing pleasure, Pretty much the AM til 3:00 PM roundings at Red Rock, next up the beat to TI and the Yerba Buena Sweet Light!!!

2009 Three Bridge Fiasco  You have come to the right place! We are feverishly editing through our files and hope to have the selects up and viewable shortly! Thanks for your patience!

2009 CYC Mid-Winters Day 1  Saturday's glorious sunshine and jam session at the Corinthian Yacht Club

The BEST of 2008 Vol 1  The best imagery fom the h2oshot.com files for 2008! Feast your eyes and nurse your hangover! Here's to a great 2008 and a fine 2009!

2008 Cruising Complete  The best of the entire 2008 Cruising SF Bay gallery IN alphabetical order! (Make and Model where applicable) In most cases, additional images exist, please ask...

Direct Customer Orders  Direct from me to you

2008 Flying Dutchman Nationals  Select images from the swell Sunday action at the SCYC FD Nationals

Super Falcon, Maltese Falcons new 2 man Submarine  Exclusive photos of the Graham Hawkes Super Sub being loaded onto Maltese Falcon in San Francisco, October 26 2008

Maltese Falcon Cruising San Francisco Bay  Select images of Maltese Falcon cruing the San Francisco Bay. Sibling images availible,

2008 YRA Season Closer  Select images fro Saturdays event... Enjoy!

2008 I-14 North Americans Day 1  Select images from day one of the 2008 I-14 NA's Hopefully I got everyone looking good at some point! Questions? erik@h2oshots.com Thanks!

Maltese Falcon  Select images of Maltese Falcons brief stay in Drakes Bay and the triumphant arrival in San Francisco, September 27th, 20008

2008 St Francis YC Laser Slalom  Better late then never! A generous heaping of the wild action at this years Laser Slalom!

2008 EYC 5.5 Regatta  Surprise! Its back to the future...if yo wish to see a specific image in its original semi color state, please ask! Thanks! erik@h2oshots.com

2008 Totally Dinghy  Nice action from Saturdays event. Will crop and edit as requested. Thanks! erik@h2oshots.com

Samba Pa Ti Selects  Equal time by request! The winner of the IRC A Class 2008 Big Boat Series Vol 44

Melges 32 Selects  A seperate gallery for the Melgi...cause I can do that!

Vincitore Images  A seperate selection of this new Riechel Pugh deigned TP52

2008 StFYC Big Boat Series Day 3  Saturdays action at the Big Boat Series. Feel free tosend any inqueries to erik@h2oshots.com! Thanks!

2008 StFYC Big Boat Series Day 2  A concise gallery of Fridays action!

2008 St Francis YC Big Boat Series Selects  Select images from day one of the StFYC 2008 BBS! Enjoy!

2008 Moore 24 Nationals SELECTS  The best from Friday and Saturdays festivities...If you dont see your boat or a sibling image, just ask! Thanks!

2008 YRA Fall Event  A glorious beggining to the football season as the Majestic Cal Bears romp at Washington, 66-3...And the sailing in SF wasn't too bad either!

Melges20 Debut Select images  Images from the August 2008 San Francisco debut of the brand spanking new 20' sportboat from Melges!

2008 WindJammers  The race they will be talking about for years! San Francisco to Santa Cruz via the Mystic!!

2008 Express 27 Nationals Friday Fun  Some excitment on the home stretch as the fleet emerges from the fog and in to 20-25 knots of pressure and glorious sun!

J-120 South Beach YC Event  Flat water, warm breeze and the smell of garlic fries wafting in the distance. A few selects from Satudays event!

Great San Francisco Schooner Race  Inuagural Regatta on San Francisco Bay for these Classic Beauties! Enjoy!!

2008 Aussie Skiff Aerials  Images from Saturday finale...Makes a great Labour Day gift!! Enjoy!

2008 Aussie Skiff Day 2  Wednesday's colorful action. Cheaply priced. Take some home today!

2008 Aussie Skiffs San Francisco Day 1  Ist day of racing on SF Bay! Eleven 18' doing battle for your viewing pleasure!

2008 505 PCC's Vol 2  2nd half of event described below! Questions? Dont be afraid to ask.. erik@h2oshots.com

2008 505 Pacific Coast Championships Part 1  The 1st half of the exciting Sunday conclusion of the 2008 505 PCCS. Sun wind waves and crashes galore...more to follow!

08 Aldo Alessio  Selects from Satudays epic preview of the IRC division of the BBS!!

2008 Laser Slalom  The 2008 edition of the St.FYC's Laser Slalom. Plenty of fun in the the sun, wind and carnage for all!

2008 YRA 2nd Half Opener Bonita Race  Images from the Saturday event. Plenty o' Sun, nice breeze and finally the haze has gone!!! More pics exist, just the tight selects posted, inquiries welcome!

2008 Sailstice Southbay  YRA HDA/ODCA Summer Sailstice Race on the sunny and warm Southbay Course!

2008 Delta Ditch part duece  The boats that came after the boats that came before... They were for the most part carrying chutes, so therefore I stayed and took more photo...

2008 Delta Ditch Ariel Images  Taken from a super secret spot somewhere tween here and there...a few more boats on the second load to follow. Will crop/adjust to your specs!

June 1st Cruising  Hey it's June, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing! Go out and get some!

2008 Spinnaker Cup  The annual 88 mile downhil jaunt from SF to Monterey. This time a tad uphill

Cruising Fun  Vessels out doing something other than racing. If you see yourself in here there are probably more pics on the old hardrive, just asky!

2008 Vallejo Race V2  There, that's better, shot in the order in which they were taken. I'm somewhat proud of myself...Really!

08 Vallejo Regatta  From Flash to Elvis..everyones a star!!!

2008 Double-handed Farallones & StFYC Ocean Race  Photos from the finish of the 2008 Doublehanded Farallones Regatta AND the 2008 StFYC Ocean Race to the Lghtship. Questions? email erik@h2oshots.com Thanks!

2008 Crewed Light Ship  Finish images from the water of the CLS. Sibling images Availible, please send any questions to erik@h2oshots.com! Thanks!

2007 Rolex Big Boat Series Day 1  Select images from the 07 BBS in San Francisco. Please contact if you have questions about cropping or other adjustments! Thanks!!

2007 Rolex Big Boat Series Day 2  Select images from 07 BBS in San Francisco Please contact me if you have any questions regarding cropping or exposures. Thanks!

2007 Rolex Big Boat Series Day 3  Select images from 07 BBS in San Francisco. Please contact me if you have any questions about Cropping or exposures. Thanks!

2007 Melges Worlds Saturday  Photos from the BIG BLOW Saturday May 12th

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