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California Views Photo Archives


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California Views was established in 1970, this unique photo archive is the most comprehensive historical photo collection of the Monterey Bay area. Many of the images we have are one of a kind rare and unique images that we have the original glass or film negatives that will insure the best quality in almost any size print from 11x14"

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Joe Mora Artist Photos  

King City, Monterey Co.  

Lighter than Air Photos  

Logging Photos  

Los Angles  

Lovers Point 1900+  

Lovers Point 1950+  

Manteca Canning Co. CA-1920  

Maps by Lou G Hare, Monterey Co.  

Marina, CA Photos   

Military panoramas  

Monterey & California Maps  

Monterey 1880s  

Monterey 1890s Photos  

Monterey 1900-1919  

Monterey 1900-1919  

Monterey 1920-1929 Photos  

Monterey 1930-39  

Monterey 1950+  

Monterey Aerial Photos  

Monterey Peninsula Pans  

Moss Landing Photos  

Mount Tamalpais, Marin Co.  Mount Tamalpais, Marin Co.


New Monterey Monterey  

Oil-Industry photos  

Old Del Monte Golf, Monterey  

Out-of California Photos  

Pacific Grove 1930+  

Pacific Grove 1940-90 Photos  

Pacific Grove 19th Century Photos  

Pacific Grove 20th-2  

Pacific Grove Maps  

Palo Alto, California  

Panama Pacific International Exposition or PPIE-Color  

Panama Pacific International Exposition or PPIE 1915  

Pat's Big Sur Photos  

Pat's California Photos  

Pat's Monterey Bay Photos  

Pat's Pacific Grove Photos  

Pat's Washington State  

Pebble Beach Crosby Golf 92-093-2  

Pebble Beach Golf-2  

Pebble Beach, Monterey  

Point Lobos Photos  

Purse-Seiners Photos  

Race-cars Photos  

Rocky Creek Slide, Big Sur coast 2011  Rocky Creek Slip-out on Highway One about 12 South of Carmel. The Slip-out happen on March 16, 2011

S. P. Del Monte Railroad Photos  

Sacramento County  

Salinas 1940's + Photos  

Salinas Valley Agriculture Photos  

Salinas Valley, Monterey Co. Photos  

Salinas, California Photos  

Salinas-Early Photos  

Salinas-Vallay-towns Photos  

Saling Ships & Tall Ships  
Dedicated to the preservation of our photographic heritage 11 x 14 - 40 x 60
Thank you for looking, Mr. Hathaway

San Diego, Co.  

San Francisco 1880's Photos  

San Francisco 1860's Photos  

San Francisco 1890's Photos  

San Francisco 1900 Photos  

San Francisco 1930 Photos  

San Francisco Bay Bridges photos  

San Francisco Bay San Francisco Maritime History Photos  

San Jose, S.C., California  Views of San Jose and the agricultural industry of San Jose and Santa Clara Valley

San Juan Bautista, San Benito Co.  

San Luis Obispo Photos  Atascadero Morro Bay, Avila Beach

San Mateo, County Photos  

Santa Barbara, California  

Santa Catalina Island Photos  

Santa Cruz Mountains   

Santa Cruz, Co. Photos  

Seaside, Monterey County Photos  

Shasta County Photo Colletion  

Ships, Boats, California Photos  

Ships-steel- Passenger liner's   

Shipwrecks Photos  

Some of our best views & photos  

Sonoma Co. Photos  

Southern Pacific Railroad Photos  The Del Monte, Coast Daylight and more.

Stockton Photo Colletion  


U.S. Navy Ships -1940-+  

U.S. -Military Photos  

W.H. Jackson, Colorado and New Mexico 1880-90's  Colorado and New Mexico W. H. Jackson 1843-1942 From Albumen prints Photo Collection Thank you for looking, Mr. Hathaway

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