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Beverly Schaefer > 2004-2005 School Galleries

P-rade 2005  

Varsity Club Banquet 2005, 5/26/2005  

PU softball vs. Oklahoma St., game 3, NCAA regionals, 5/21/05  

PU softball vs. Lehigh, game 2, NCAA regionals, 5/21/05  

PU softball vs. Oklahoma St, game 1, NCAA regionals, 5/20/05  

PU women's lacrosse vs. Maryland, 1st round NCAA's, 5/12/05  

PU women's tennis team photo and seniors, 5/6/2005  

PU softball team photo & seniors, and action 5/5/05  

PU women's track & field team photo & seniors, 5/2/05  

PU men's lacrosse vs. Dartmouth, 4/30/05  

PU women's lacrosse vs. Brown, 4/30/05  

PU women's water polo team photo and seniors, goalie action, 4/28/05  

PU baseball vs. Columbia, 4/24/05  

PU men's & women's track & field Larry Ellis Invitational, 4/23/05  

PU men's tennis team photo, 4/22/05  

PU men's lacrosse team photo, 4/20/05  

PU baseball vs. Monmouth, 4/19/05  

PU men's lacrosse vs. Butler, 1st half 4/17/05  

PU men's lacrosse vs. Butler, 2nd half 4/17/05  

PU women's lacrosse vs. Harvard, 4/16/05  

PU women's lacrosse team photo, 4/15/05  

PU baseball vs. Seton Hall, 4/12/05  

PU men's & women's squash team photos, 4/12/05  

PU men's & women's track & field Sam Howell Memorial Invitational, part 1, 4/9/05  

PU men's & women's track & field Sam Howell Memorial Invitational, part 2, 4/9/05  

PU women's tennis vs. Brown, 4/8/05  

PU men's tennis vs. Penn, 4/1/05  

PU baseball vs. Rutgers, 3/30/05  

PU softball vs. Fairfield, 3/29/05 part 1  

PU softball vs. Fairfield, 3/29/05 part 2  

PU lacrosse vs. Syracuse, 3/26/05  

PU women's lacrosse vs. Loyola, 3/13/05  

PU men's & women's fencing, 3/9/05  

PU men's basketball vs. Penn, 3/8/05  

PU men's basketball vs. Dartmouth, 3/5/05  

PU men's lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins, 3/5/05  

PU women's hockey team photo & class photos, 3/1/05  

Army hockey vs AIC, 2/25/05  

PU men's hockey team photo & seniors, 2/23/05  

PU men's & women's indoor track & field, 2/19/05  

PU men's hockey vs. Vermont, 2/19/05  

PU men's volleyball vs. NYU, 2/15/05  

PU men's squash vs. Trinity, El Halaby vs. Samper, 2/12/05  

PU women's squash vs. Trinity, 2/12/05  

PU women's water polo vs. Marist, 2/12/05  

PU wrestling vs. Rutgers, 2/11/2005  

PU men's basketball at Penn, 2/8/2005  

PU women's basketball vs. Harvard 2/5/2005  

PU women's indoor track vs. Penn 2/5/2005  

PU women's hockey vs. Clarkson, 2/4/2005  

PU women's basketball vs. Penn, 2/1/2005  

PAW - Yasser El Halaby, 1/28/2005  

PU men's basketball vs. Brown, 1/28/2005  

PU men's swimming team photos 1/26/2005  

PU men's hockey vs. Bentley, 1/25/2005  

PU men's basketball vs. Haverford 1/24/2005  

PAW - Soren Thompson, 1/11/2005  

PU men's squash, 1/11/05  

PU women's squash, 1/10/05  

PU men's hockey vs. Clarkson, 1/7/05  

PU men's basketball at Duke, 1/5/05  

PU women's basketball vs. St. Peter's, 1/3/05  

Loyola at Princeton men's basketball, 12/31/04  

PU men's basketball at Temple, 12/20/04  

PU women's basketball vs. St. Mary's, 12/14/04  

PU men's club hockey vs. UMBC, 12/10/04  

PU men's basketball vs. Rutgers, 12/8/04  

PU m&w swimming #1, 12/5/04  

PU m&w swimming #2, 12/5/04  

PU women's soccer vs. UCLA, NCAA semifinals, 12/3/04  

PU men's basketball at Lafayette, 11/27/04  

PU women's soccer vs. Washington, NCAA quarterfinals, 11/26/04  

PU women's hockey vs Yale, 11/24/04  

PU football vs Dartmouth, 11/20/04  

PU women's soccer vs Boston College, NCAA 3rd round, 11/20/04  

PU women's soccer vs. Villanova, NCAA 2nd rd, 11/14/04  

PU football vs. Penn, 11/6/2004  

PU football vs. Penn, 2nd half, 11/6/2004  

PU sprint football team photo, 11/6/04  

PU men's basketball team photo, 11/05/2004  

PU basketball media day, women's team photo, 11/04/2004  

PU men's water polo, 10/30/2004  

PU men's hockey vs. St. Cloud, 10/29/2004  

PU men's soccer team photo, 10/26/2004  

PU women's soccer team photos, 10/26/2004  

PU football vs. Harvard #1, 10/23/2004  

PU football vs. Harvard #2, 10/23/2004  

PU men's soccer vs. Harvard, 10/23/2004  

PU field hockey team photos, 10/22/2004  

PU men's golf, 10/20/2004  

PU women's cross country team photo, 10/18/2004  

PU field hockey vs. Brown, 10/16/2004  

PU football vs. Brown, 10/16/2004  

PU swimming banquet, 10/16/2004  100 years of swimming at Princeton.

PU men's & women's golf, 10/12/2004  

PU wrestling team photos, 10/5/2004  

PU field hockey vs. Richmond, 10/3/2004  

PU men's soccer vs. Dartmouth, 10/2/2004  

PU women's cross country (HYP), 10/2/2004  

PU women's soccer vs. Dartmouth, 10/2/2004  

PU sprint football vs. Penn, 10/1/2004  

PU football at San Diego, Art Museum reception  

PU football at San Diego, Post game at PETCO Park  

PU football at San Diego, Pre-game alumni tailgate  

PU football atSan Diego, travel to S.D.  

PU football at San Diego, 9/25/04  

PU men's water polo team photos, 9/21/04  

PU women's volleyball vs. Lafayette, 9/21/04  

PU men's soccer vs. South Carolina at Penn, 9/19/04  

PU football vs Lafayette, 9/18/04  

PU women's soccer vs. Villanova at Penn, 9/10/04  

PU tennis alumni, Shikha Uberoi at the US Open  Princeton tennis alum Shikha Uberoi plays in the main draw at the US Open, against Venus Williams.

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