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PU men's basketball team photo, 2010-11  

Princeton team photos 09-10  

Squash team photos, 2009  

PU men's hockey team photo, 08-09  

Princeton custom prints  

PU men's hockey team & championship photo, 2008  

PU men's cross country team photo, 10/10/07  

PU MLAX team photo second time, 5/9/07  

Squash team photos 2007  

Men's hockey team photo, 2006-2007  

PU men's lacrosse team photo 2006  

PU men's hockey team photo 2005-2006  

Men's & Women's squash photos 2006  

Men's Squash  white borders top and bottom

PU men's tennis team photo  

PU men's squash team photo  

PU women's squash team photo  

PU men's swimming team photos  

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