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If you have multiple photographers working together, sub-accounts can be the perfect tool for you. Sub-accounts have their own user IDs and passwords and the upload-only access to the parent account.

Sub-accounts allow your photographers to upload work to your account without giving them administrative access to that account. Profits from sub-account sales are paid directly to the parent account, and sales reports separate sales by parent account and sub-account.

Sub-accounts are specifically designed for franchise businesses, large photo studios or groups of photographers working together for a particular event. In addition, our Virtual Gallery tool allows you to easily organize and present images from multiple sub-accounts -- perfect when several photographers are covering one event.

Any existing Printroom account can now create separate sub-accounts that have their own user IDs and passwords. A Sub-account has a one-time $49 setup fee, which includes 200 MB of storage added to your account (good for over 4,000 images when used with Pro Studio Manager).

How it works:

Step 1: Create Sub-Account

Once you've logged in to your Printroom account, just click on the "Sub-Accounts" button. Select "Create" to create a sub-account. Input the sub-account member information and your credit card information. Sub-accounts have "upload only" access to the parent account, so you don't need to worry about compromising your main account when giving others access to a sub-account.

Step 2: Download Pro Studio Manager (Corporate Edition)

Sub-accounts must use Pro Studio Manager (Corporate Edition) to upload images. Input the userid and password for the sub-account when prompted for your Printroom account information.

Step 3: Upload images to sub-account

Galleries created and images uploaded in Pro Studio Manager (CE) will appear at the top level of the parent account. The parent account must then organize these galleries into groups and Virtual Galleries. A Virtual Gallery is the simplest way to display images from different sub-accounts together.

Step 4: Sales Reporting

All profits from sub-account sales are paid to the parent account. Customized sales reports let you see revenue generated by each sub-account.

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