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Welcome to the Party & Events Photo Album for Roundhouse Ron of Philly Music Video. I am a professional photographer & videographer who would like to thank you for joining me & viewing my fine quality photographs. If you have any questions, please write to me at:, or visit one of my websites at: or

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Albert's Cafe - 2004 August 27th  Join me as I relax with the entertaining sounds of The Harry "O" Show. The regulars here are a blast as we all have a great time.

Albert's Cafe - 2004 September 22nd  Wednesday's can be off the chains sometimes at Albert's Cafe. Check out these crazy drunk hot girlz having a great time.

Alfies Bar & Dance Club - 2007 April 12th  Alfies In Far N.E. Philly Is A Focking Blast On Thursday Nights. I Have Several Flashbacks From My Old Home Flatspin's Nightclub. The Beers Are Ice Cold & The Girlz Are Focking Amazing!

Alfies Bar & Dance Club - 2007 April 26th  Another ridiculous night in NE Philly at Alfies on Welsh Road. The photos say it all people.

Alfies Bar & Dance Club - 2007 February 22nd  Alfie's Was Focking Nutz With My Boy Peter Fontaine Doing All His Freestyle Songs. The Girlz In NE Philly Are Still The Hottest Girlz In The Philadelphia Area!!

Alfies Bar & Dance Club - 2007 May 1st  Sexy Boxing Knocked Out Alfies In NE Philly. It Was A Huge Hit With Q102's Jessie Jordan Fighting Bam Bam The Brawling Bartender.

Benny The Bums South - 2008 May 28th  Roundhouse Ron Had A Focking Blast With A Few Of His Good Friends And He Also Made A Few New Friends!! There Were Some Focking Hot Azz Gurlz Here!!

Brian's Harley Davidson Fashion Show - 2008 April 18th  Join The Hot Gurlz & Guyz Of Philly Music Video As They Show Off The Amazing Harley Davidson Fashions For A Charity Fund Raiser With WMMR 93.3 Radio!!

Brian's Harley Davidson Fashion Show - 2009 April 24th  Roundhouse Ron takes a few of his amazing calendar gurlz over to Brian's Harley Davidson in Langhorne, Pa for a calendar signing event!! We are joined by Ron's good friend Vaughn Hebron of the Philadelphia Eagles!!

Buckheads Saloon - 2009 March 18th  Join Roundhouse Ron @ The Buckhead Saloon In Philly For A Wild Azz Night Of Midget Wrestling & Midget Boxing With The Micro Wrestling Federation!!

Cappy's Tattoo Party - 2008 June 29th  Cappy's Cafe In NE Philly Teamed Up With Roundhouse Ron For An Awesome Tattoo Party!!

Casmirri's Cafe - 2004 August 24th  The Harry "O" Show delivers one more time with a superb entertaining time. View the locals as we all have a enjoyable evening.

CEBU - 2008 April 4th  Roundhouse Ron Goes To CEBU In Olde City Philly To Party With His Good Friend DJ Scribble From New York.

Centurions M/C Fall Bash - 2009 November 21st  Join Roundhouse Ron Once Again For A Wild Azz Night With My Centurions MC Boyz @ The FOP Lodge 5 In Philadelphia!!

Centurions M/C Harley Davidson Calendar Photo Shoot - 2009 February 22nd  Join Roundhouse Ron And His Fine Staff As They Shoot & Video Tape The All New Centurions/Harley Davidson Calendar For The Philadelphia Police Department. This Was A Full Blown Massive Production Of Hard Working Men & Women For A Solid 6 Hours Of Work!!

Centurions M/C Run - 2008 July 27th  The Centurions Motor Cycle Club Is A Great Group Of Guyz That Raise Money For All The Children At Shriner's Hospitail!! It Rained This Day, But What A Great Time!!

Centurions M/C Spring Fling - 2007 April 7th  This was an amazing night out with my boyz at the Centurions Motorcylce Club. I was photographer for this great cause and event. These bikers can focking party people. Bring out the Jack Daniels and lets roll baby.

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 August 4th  Round 3 of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest was off the hook with bangin babes!! Every round get better and better as Rocco from Q102 goes live on the air at 10pm every Thursday night.

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 July 6th  The 2nd round of the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest was hot with sexy girlz trying to win the grand title. If you are having a bad day right now, come on in to view these amazing women!!

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 June 15th  Come and join Rocco from Q102 with a live broadcast at Chrome Beach Night Club. Hot girlz having a wild time parting like rock stars.

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 June 22nd  This was a great start to senior week for all of the local high school seniors in the Philly area. How can you go wrong with 17 to get in and 21 to drink? Throw in Rocco and DJ Richie Rich from Q102 and the party is on baby!!

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 June 29th  Chrome Beach was cool with the start of thier Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Bikini Contest (Round 1). You must check out these hot photos some great looking women! Richie Rich from Q102 was right on with his mix of todays best hits!

Chrome Beach Night Club - 2005 June 8th  All I have to say is "Girls Gone Wild". This was an outstanding party with the opening of Chrome Beach Night Club for the summer. Jump on the "Girls Gone Wild" bus with "Philly Music Video" and check out these crazy photos.

Chrome Night Club - 2007 January 12th  Chad & John E do an amazing job showing the people of Philly a wild azz time at Chrome Night Club!! It was good seeing my boy Paul from XS Magazine again in the house!!

Chrome Night Club - 2007 January 19th  Come And Join Roundhouse Ron along with his boy DJ Skribble into the journy of Chrome Night Club!! These wild ass boyz are crazy!!

Club 27 - 2007 July14th  Club 27 On A Saturday Night Is A Focking Blast People!! Check Out What Happens When Recording Artist Kat de Luna Stops By To Belt Out A Few Songs!!

Club 27 - 2008 July 10th  This Was A Focking Huge Azz Party!! IT Was Roundhouse Ron's Birthday Bash @ Club 27 With His Hot Gurlz Of Philly Music Video.

Club 27 - 2008 July 3rd  Join Roundhouse Ron & The Amazing Philly Music Video Gurlz @ Club 27

Club 27 - 2008 June 26th  Roundhouse Ron Takes A Few Of His Hot Azz Philly Music Video Gurlz To Club 27 For A Wild Night Of Fun & Pleasure!!

Club Fizz / Frank's Sports Bar - 2011 April 16th  Roundhouse Ron Takes His Show On da Road Wit His Boy Frankie Knuckles & da World Famous PA Pole Academy Gurlz!! The 3 Dam Band Was Also In da House Along Wit da Little Black Dress Contest :-}

Copa Banana NE Philly - 2010 July 16th  Roundhouse Ron Takes His Centurion M/C FOP Calendar Gurlz On Tour To Copa Banana In NE Philly!! What A Focking Awesome Time It Was!!

Deco Night Club - 2004 November 22nd  "War Of The Roses" 2004 Grudge Boxing Match was crazy as Chio from Q102 had a TKO in the first round as the angry listener could not breathe.

Denim Lounge - 2007 February 1st  My good friends Heather, Sabrina, Lawren & Anna called me up and asked me to shoot some photos down at the Denim Lounge on Walnut Street.

Diego's Bar - 2010 November 19th  Roundhouse Ron Hosts Freestyle Fridays @ Diego's Bar In NE Philly For A Seriously Wild Birthday Cake Fight!! This Was An Awesome Time With My Boyz Frankie Knuckles, Diego Ramos & Richie Rich!!

Elaina Maries Tavern - 2010 January 29th  DJ Dancing Dave Invited My Crazy Azz To Elaina Maries Tavern In Port Richmond For the Annual Cock-N-Tale Party!! Over 150 Horny Gurlz Playing With Dildos & Me:-)

F.O.P. Benefit - 2008 June 21st  This Was An Awesome Turn Out @ Canstanters In Far NE Philly!! Then We Took The Wild Azz Party Over To The Route 1 Cafe!!

F.O.P. Car Wash - 2008 May 10th  The Hot Gurlz Of Philly Music Video Along With The International Male Hunks Washing Cars For A Great Cause.

F.O.P. COP WING BOWL 2010  The 2010 FOP Cop Wing Bowl Was Focking Insane People!! I Was There Routing On My Boy Big Steve From The Centurions M/C!!

F.O.P. Finnagan's Wake - 2008 May 17th  This Is Always A Huge Event!! Join Roundhouse Ron & The Hot Gurlz Of Philly Music Video @ Finnagan's Wake For An Awsome Cause!!

F.O.P. Lodge #5 - 2010 February 12th  This Was The First Round Of The All New Centurions M/C 2011 Calendar Model Search. What A Focking Wild Azz Night We All Had, It Never Focking Ended:-)

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 August 14th  Parting with your old friends and making new friends is the best time you could ever have. Flatspin Night Club does it again with a great vibe and hot music.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 December 11th  Come out and enjoy this Super Saturday night with a hot young girl on her birthday night at Flatspins Night Club. The hot young girl is Sara and she is wearing the really hot black top with the black bikini top under it. WOW

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 December 18th  All I have to say is "We Had A Wet T-Shirt Contest"!! Flatspin Night Club is Philadelphia's premier hot sexy place to be on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Come out sometime and party with the craziest people in the area.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 December 4th  Come join us for Chio's big birthday bash at Flatspin Night Club. Roundhouse Ron decided to make sure Chio had a good time, but the ugly duckling was a big disapointment!!

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 July 17th  Flatspin Night Club is off the hook on a Saturday night. Come and view some of these great photographs.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 July 24th  I always have a great time here at Flatspin Night Club. Girlz love to have their photographs taken by men with cameras.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 July 31st  Summer time is the best time to just chill and hang at Flatspin Night Club. Look inside for some really hot photographs.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 July 3rd  What a way to start the 4th of July weekend. Flatspin Night Club really knows how to get the party started right.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 June 26th  The party photos started at Flatspin Night Club in far N.E. Philadelphia. When the camera came out, people started going crazy.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 November 24th  Thanksgiving Eve is and always will be the best night to go out clubbing!! Time to get drunk with Philly's best D.J., Robbie Tronco was in da house.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 October 2nd  Venus Swim Wear Bikini Finals at Flatspin Night Club. Do I really need to describe this beautiful bikini babe madness?

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 October 30th  Holloween was a freakin blast at Flatspin Night Club with the fine people of N.E. Philly. The freaks come out at night!

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 October 9th  Far N.E. Philly girlz are crazy cool when they come out to party. If you can handle hot women and good times with great people then come on in here.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 September 11th  This had to be one of the great times at Flatspin's Night Club. It was the 1st round of the Venus Swim Wear Bikini Contest. WOW!!!

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 September 18th  Round 2 of the Venus Swim Wear Bikini Contest at Flatspin Night Club. The photographs say it all.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 September 25th  Round 3 of the Venus Swim Wear Bikini Contest and the place was crazy. Flatspin's Night Club was going nutz fro these girlz.

Flatspin Night Club - 2004 September 4th  Just another average night with "Roundhouse Ron" at Flatspin Night Club. Boy I love this place and the hot girlz.

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 June 21st  Crazy time at Flatspin Night Club tonight people!! The "Foam Party" was nutz with hot girlz and guyz swimming around the dance floor in a sea of foam.

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 June 25th  Check out the live broadcast with Q102's Chio & Robbie Tronco for Club 102. If you are ever in N.E. Philly on a Saturday, come on in and join our crazy ass party!!

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 June 30th  Diego from WIOQ (Q102) started at great thing with College Night and a Beer Pong Contest. Watch as the girlz get drunk in the main club and the boyz play all you can drink pong in the back bar area.

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 June 7th  Club Flatspin's is crazy on Tuesday nights with Q102's Jessie Jordan. This is a wild party for people 18 and up.

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 June 7th  Tuesday nights are crazy at Flatspins Night Club with 18 to party and 21 to drink. Come out and join the party people with Jessie Jordan from Q102 radio along with Robbie Tronco.

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 March 5th  If you have never been to Flatspin's Night Club in far NE Philly, then you must come out and party with us! On this night we had a wet tee shirt contest!!

Flatspin Night Club - 2005 May 17th  Jessie Jordan from WIOQ is always in the house on Tuesday nights with 18 to get in and 21 to drink. She brings down the house with Robbie Tronco.

Flatspin Night Club - MTV - Freak Show  MTV's All-Star "Keenan" was in town and she wanted to join us at Flatspin's Night Club. As always the Freak Show from Q102 rocked the house!!

Flatspin Night Club Staff Party - 2004 December  The great staff at Flatspin's Night Club works hard all year serving and waiting on the public. Now it was the staff's time to get their freak on!! We partied all damn night until the sun came up!!

Flow Night Club - 2004 July 30th  Q102's Booty Ball is like the best time to relax and enjoy hot girlz dancing. Jump in here and see what you are missing.

Ice Night Club - 2004 November 5th  Singles Mingle 9 "The Sleep Over" at Ice Night Club was stupid crazy with drunk people all over the hotel like all night long. I got no sleep and woke up at the security office of the Radison Hotel! I Loved It!

Jessica Simpson - 2004 July 4th  This concert was held at the Tweeter Center in Camden N.J. Come on in and view this outstanding singer as she performed all of her hits.

Karma Nightclub - 2010 March 27th  NE Philadelphia Was On Focking FIRE This Night As Roundhouse Ron Took Over With A Wild Azz Bikini Beach Party!! Nobody Does Shyt Like This Crazy Azz Mutha Focker:-}

Kona Kia Cafe - 2004 August 19th  For a great dinner and a fabulous scenery go to Kona Kia. Check out these good times with The Harry "O" Show.

Lagoon Night Club - 2004 September 19th  Q102 does it again with an awesome time at the Lagoon Night Club with the End Of Summer Luau. I can not wait until next year!!

Lagoon Night Club - 2007 July 13th  The Lagoon is a wild azz time on Friday nights!! Just check out some of these crazy & ridiculous photos!!

Lagoon Night Club - 2007 July 27th  Another crazy azz night at the Lagoon with the Johnny Knockout girlz from Delaware!! These girlz are focking nutz people!!

Lagoon Night Club - 2007 July 6th  The Stars & Stripes All Star Summer Bash At The Lagoon In Essington Was Focking Amazing!! The Singing Group B.A.D.D. Was Incredable And The Girlz Did A Great Job!!

Lagoon Nightclub - 2007 August 3rd  Another Wack Azz Friday Night With The Johnny Knockout Girlz & Hot Girls Of Philly Beauties!! Why Do They Make Me Do These Crazy Photos?

Las Vegas - 2009 June 15th  Join Roundhouse Ron As He Chills In Sin City With Sum Good Friends & As He Makes Sum New Friends!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 August 14th  OMFG Did Roundhouse Ron Just Focking Do This Shit?? WoW!! Body Shots On The Pool Table Is A Great Idea!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 August 21st  Join The Party In NE Philly For The Ultimate Hot Azz Banana Blow Job Contest!! You Have No Focking Idea How Shit Is Done Until You Party With Roundhouse Ron!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 August 28th  Roundhouse Ron Hosting The Last Call Tavern With The Sexy Pole Dance Contest and A Special Birthday Whipped Cream Surprise For My Boy Chris!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 August 7th  Philly Music Video Brings The Noise To The Last Call Tavern With A Gurl On Gurl Sexy Lap Dance Contest!! WoW!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 July 24th  This Was Philly Music Video's First Night Over @ The Last Call Tavern!! This Place Is Focking Insane On A Thursday Night!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 July 31st  Join Roundhouse Ron, Frankie Knuckles & DJ Casa For A Wild Night Of Hot Azz NE Philly Gurlz & A Body Shot Contest.

Last Call Tavern - 2008 September 18th  Philly Music Video's Creation, The Men Of Steel Took Over The Last Call Tavern This Night!! What A Focking Blast It Was For All The Lucky Ladies Who Attended!!

Last Call Tavern - 2008 September 4th  Roundhouse Ron & Frankie Knuckles Turn Up The Heat On All The Hot Azz NE Philly Gurlz!! Also Special Give-A-Ways From The Hit Movie "COLLEGE"!!

Lava Lounge - 2005 June 24th  Lava Lounge has to be one of Philly's premiere night clubs with DJ's slammin all of todays hits with the best of yesterdays chart busters. Not to mention the bangin hot bartenders with hot sexy smiles!!

Lava Lounge - 2005 June 30th  Thursdays are a blast at a hot new club in far N.E. Phlly on Bustleton Avenue named LAVA LOUNGE. The drink specials are nice on my wallet and the girlz are great on my eyez.

Lava Lounge - 2005 June 3rd  The Lava Lounge brings the vibe of Center City to the far NE Philly area. This club is damn hot and located in the 8000 block of Bustleton Avenue.

Lingerie Football League Phila Passion Tryouts 2009  Roundhouse Ron & Linda Took A Short Trip To Ashton, Pa For The Phila Passion LFL Tryouts!! How Could We Focking Pass Up Hot & Amazing Women Trying Out For The Ultimate Lingerie Contact Football League? All I Can Say Is WoW!!

McNoodles Irish Bar - 2008 October 27th  It Was Game 5 Of The Tampa Bay Rays vs The Philadelphia Phillies Of The World Series!! Join Roundhouse Ron And The Awesome Staff Of McNoodles Irish Bar!! Also As I Hit The Streets Of Frankford & Cottman Avenues!!

McStew's Irish Sports Bar - 2009 April 24th  Join Big Daddy (Roundhouse Ron) As He Takes A Few Calendar Gurlz & His Boy Diego Ramos Over To McStew's In Levittown, PA For A Video Taping Of Out On The Town Comcast Entertainment TV!! Mike V & Melissa Did A Focking Awesome Job With This Taping!!

New Years 2005 Flatspin Night Club  New Years 2005 at Flatspin Night Club was off the chains with all you can drink and handle. This party was focken great with Chio from WIOQ-Q102 radio.

Nutty Irishmen - 2005 June 3rd  The Nutty Irishmen must have the sexiest bartenders in the Philadelphia area. If you want a good time and a nice place to sit and hold a conversation, then come join us at the Nutty Irishmen on Friday nights.

Penguin's Pub - 2010 February 20th  Roundhouse Ron & The Wild Azz Philly Music Video Gurlz Take Over Penguin's Pub With SCREAM Live On Stage!! What Can I Say Bitches!! We Had A Focking Blast!!

Penguin's Pub - 2010 February 27th  OMFG, What A Great Ending To The 2011 Centurions M/C Calendar Search Contest!! We Finished With The Last 6 Gurlz Shaking Their Azz On Stage @ The Penguin's Pub In Warminster, Pa!!

Penguin's Pub - 2010 January 30th  Roundhouse Ron Brings His Side Show Up To Penguins Pub In Warminster, PA For A Wild Time With The Band No Apology!!

Reed's Nightclub - 2007 February 10th  Reed's in Blue Bell can be focking crazy sometime!! I got so damn wasted that I had to stop taking photos and sobber up for my ride home:-(

Reed's Nightclub - 2008 August 23rd  Reed's Nightclub In Blue Bell, PA Is Focking Wild As Shit Ladies!! Join Me As We Took Our Party To Their House!!

Reed's Nightclub - 2008 March 22nd  Reed's Is A Focking Crazy Azz Time With My Boyz Chio (wired 96.5) & DJ Chris 2 Cool C!! What A Wild Nith This Was!!

Reed's Nightclub - 2011 April 9th  Shyt Got Really Fockin Crazy @ Reed's Nightclub In Blue Bell, PA With My Boyz From The Rockets!! Gurlz Just Seem To Follow Our Crazy Fockin Azzes Where Ever We Go :-}

Reed's Nightclub - 2011 February 12th  Roundhouse Ron Bringz The 2011 Little Black Dress Contest To Reed's In Blue Bell, PA!! His Boy Frankie Knuckles Fockin Killz Shyt With The Body Shots & Free Open Mouth Shots!!

Reed's Nightclub - 2011 February 26th  OMFG, Reed's Was Fockin Insane This Night As Roundhouse Ron Brings His Ultimate Bikini Contest To Blue Bell, PA With His Boyz Frankie Knuckles & Split Decision Live On Stage!!

Roundhouse Ron In Dallas Ft Worth Texas 2010 March  Roundhouse Ron Straps On His Damn Cowboy Boots Along With A Ten Gallon Hat And Join The Men Of The Deep South In Dallas/Ft Worth Texas!!

Roundhouse Ron's Crazy Azz 2007 Birthday Party  It Was July 7th, 2007 And Damn It Was A Real Focking Lucky Day For Me!! It Was My Huge Azz Birthday Bash @ Cavanaugh's River Deck!!

Route 1 Cafe - 2008 May 3rd  Join Roundhouse Ron As He Welsomes A Few Miami Music Video Gurlz Up To Philly For The Weekend!! Amanda & Linda Are Special Guests Of Philly Music Video @ The Route 1 Cafe!!

Route 1 Cafe - 2008 November 1st  Roundhouse Ron Takes His World Famous Pillow Fight Contest To The Route 1 Cafe!! It Is Also My Boy Jeff's Birthday Party!! I Can't Believe This Focking Cat Is 36 Years Old!! LoL

Route 1 Cafe - 2008 October 11th  The Pennsylvania Oil Wrestling Company Take Over The Route ! Cafe In NE Philly Along With The Dangerous Women Of Wrestling. It Was Also Rich The Freaks Birthday Bash!!

Route 1 Cafe - 2009 February 24th  Roundhouse Ron & The Philly Music Video Gurlz Hit The Route 1 Cafe For A Mechanical Bull Mardi Gras Party!! We Are Some Crazy Azz Sexy Mutha Fockers!!

Route 1 Cafe - 2009 January 17th  Roundhouse Ron Brings The FOP Calendar Model Search Contest To The Route 1 Cafe!! These Gurlz Are Focking Amazing!!

RP McMurphy's - 2008 February 7th  Roundhouse Ron takes a few of his Hot Gurlz of Philly Music Video to RP McMurphy's in Ridley, PA for an All-Star Boxing Match!!

SmokeEaters Pub - 2010 July 8th  This Was Roundhouse Ron's Huge Birthday Bash For 2010!! All I Gotta Say Is What da Fock Is Roundhouse Ron Doing?? LoL

SmokeEaters Pub - 2011 February 19th  Roundhouse Ron Chills At His Favorite Watering Hole (SmokeEaters Pub) While Checking Out The Police. Fire & Medic Auction For The Philadelphia Police Survivors Fund

Soncini's - 2008 May 23rd  Join Roundhouse Ron & DJ Mr. Miami @ Soncini's in Warminster, PA. The focking JELLO wrestling contest was insane as the winner recieved a trip for 2 to Las Vegas!!

Soncini's - 2008 November 8th  Join Roundhouse Ron And The Hot Gurl Of Philly Music Video As They Team Up With The International Hunk For A Wild Night Of Sexual Bliss.

The Deck - 2010 August 13th  This Last Minute Mini Hotel Party & Bikini Contest @ The Deck In Essington, Pa Turned Out To Be A Crazy Azz Focking Party!!

The Roadhouse - 2005 August 5th  Rat Boy and Stay Puff from Q102 radio drive the people crazy with their wild, crazy and sexy contest. On Friday nights at the Roadhouse, the drink are cold and the girlz are very hot!!

The Roadhouse - 2005 July 15th  Just when you thought going to the Jersey shore in the summer was cool, The Roadhouse keeps us all coming back to Barrington for the hottest parties. How can you go wrong with girlz fighting in thongs with pillows?

The Roadhouse - 2005 July 1st  Barrington, New Jersey is the hot spot on Friday nights with Rat Boy And Stay Puff from Q102. The Roadhouse is fockin nutz with hot girlz getting crazy in a sexy wet tee shirt contest. Come join us sometime on a Friday night!!

The Roadhouse - 2005 July 29th  Mikey Blunts and Chuck Love are two fockin wild crazy little dudes!! Come inside and watch some of their madness as they get girlz to do crazy shit!!

The Roadhouse - 2005 July 8th  This place is fockin crazy on a Friday night!! I love going to The Roadhouse with the boyz from Q102's Rat Boy & Stay Puff!! The boyz from "I Love RoadHead" where also in da house with shirts & bumper stickers!!

The Spot - 2006 December 1st  This place is nutz as the girlz from Jersey seem to let loose on the weekends!! Join Roundhouse Ron and his boy Chio from Wired 96.5 for a night of fun and cocktails.

The Wharf Tavern - 2008 October 16th  Roundhouse Ron Gets A Call From His Good Friend Ryan Howard Of The Phila Phillieas, So They Go To Delco To Hit The Focking Wharf Tavern For Sum Cocktails With A Few Friends

The Wharf Tavern - 2008 October 2nd  Roundhouse Ron Takes His Crazy Azz Over To Aston, PA For A Focking Wild Time Wit His Boyz Billy da Owner, Frankie Knuckles And DJ Frankie T In The Focking Mix!!

Top Dog Night Club - 2006 December 26th  Check out how crazy Top Dog in Cherry Hill, New Jersey gets on a Tuesday night as I party with my boyz Diego (Q102) and Gervase (Survivor).

Top Dog Night Club - 2007 January 30th  Roundhouse Ron, Gervase from Survivor fame & Frank from the Hot Girl Dream Team all team up once again for the Deal Or No Deal Contest!! Jersey girlz are focking crazy when they get drunk:-)

WMMR 93.3 Preston & Steve Show - 2010 July 22nd  Roundhouse Ron Takes His Amazing 2011 FOP Calendar Gurlz & The Hot Men Of Club Resque To The World Famous 93.3 Radio Preston & Steve Show In Philadelphia!!

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