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True Black & White Prints

Printroom is proud to now offer true black and white digital prints processed on a dedicated Durst Theta silver halide printer. Your digital images will be printed on professional grade Ilford black & white paper and run through true black & white chemistry. The Ilford paper has a pearl finish and is specially coated to make it easy to write on the back with regular ink. Because the emulsion is silver based rather than dye based, the characteristics of these prints are the same as traditional black & white continuous-tone prints that you used to make in the darkroom. This means you can now produce digital black and white prints like you’ve never seen before. No need to convert color files! Our experienced technicians will convert your files and adjust density and contrast for a truly spectacular print. Please allow additional time for our technicians to get it right. Turnaround time is typically three to four business days.

Ilford Papers

Ilfospeed RC Digital is a premium black-and-white panchromatic paper. It uniquely combines the famous Ilford silver halide technology already established via its market-leading traditional papers with a new coating which enables the highest quality continuous tone black-and-white images to be output from digital files. This extra bright, resin coated, water-resistant, medium weight (190gsm) paper combines neutral image shading with excellent contrast and sharpness, meaning that labs which use digital printers can now achieve results comparable to traditional exposure and processing methods.

Other advantages to be gained by using Ilfospeed RC Digital include a far better result than printing black-and-white images onto color media. It avoids the problems which can apply to image tone, dye stability, process control and print quality due to its ability to produce a silver image tone which is fixed, predictable and reliable. This specialist product achieves superb image quality via its excellent tone reproduction, rich blacks and bright white base tint, all of which relate directly to producing the very best black-and-white photographs.

(*Copied from Ilford (12/20/05) - Press Release)


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